Best Folding Bikes 2017

Whether you’re looking to go on bike trails on the weekend or are looking for a heavy duty commuter bike, then a folding mountain bike is definitely the right choice for you. Over the past few years folding mountain bikes have become incredibly popular, because of their portability and without the need for any car equipment needed to be purchased.

​Below are some tips about choosing the perfect one for you:

​Easy To Unfold

​One of the main things about a folding mountain bike, is that you want it to be quick and easy to assemble, especially if you are using the bike for daily commuting. Most new bikes which are available on the market have simplistic folding systems which means they can be folded and unfolded within 30 seconds. A lot of the folding bikes which are out today and that are reviewed on this site do not require any tools during the whole folding/unfolding process.

Size When Transporting

​Of course, the reason for getting a folding bike is that you want to be able to transport it around with ease. The idea of getting a folding bike is so that it is easy to carry when folded, for example when getting on the train or placing it into your car.With folding mountain bikes being much larger than normal folding bikes, you will find that they aren’t as small when folded, but they will still fold down to be small enough to transport around.


​When looking at the folding mountain bike range, it is important to properly check out the suspension on the bike. This is especially important as you are going to be taking the bike on tough terrain, which will have bumps, rocks and jumps etc. So you need to make sure that the bike I able to cope with this kind of abuse and also offer a comfortable ride when using it.

​Which Size Wheels?

​Normal folding bikes come with standard wheel sizes of 16 to 20 inch wheels, these are certainly not big enough if you are wanting to go through some tough dirt and push your bike to its limits. You want a wheel size which can cope with rough terrain and also cut through sand, mud and extreme wet conditions. That’s why folding mountain bikes come with larger 26 inch wheels, these will provide the power to deal with any situation thrown at them.


​The main factor to consider is, is it worth carrying around a heavy chunky mountain bike everywhere? When going to bike trails, especially those which have a huge amount of hills and tough patches of terrain, it can be a pain to carry a heavy mountain bike to the top. However, the folding mountain bike solves this problem by being lightweight and compact. This means that you can simply fold it up, put it on your back like a backpack or carry it with a single hand up to your next bike trail.

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