The V7 Comfort by Public Bikes is a sturdy and reliable 7-speed city bike for less than $1000. It’s ideal for commuting and casual fitness riding. It performs well on the street delivering a smooth and exciting experience. Public Bikes is a company familiar to all of us. They’re well-known for their quality and fantastic customer service. Riders can expect that from any Public Bikes model, and the V7 is no exception.

This comfort street bike is durable and efficient in many different tracks and roads. If you’re interested in occasionally riding around the city or even on some tracks, this multi-speed bike is a good choice. This bike will quickly get you from one place to another, without the mess of being stuck in traffic. The easy shifting and seven speeds are also perfect for people who want to take on biking as a way to include some cardio.

Its frame, gear system, handles and other specifications and features are what make it as modern and accessible.Let’s go into details and see just what exactly the bike is all about.

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Specifications and features:

The first thing we must mention is the fact that the bike is multi-speed and suitable for all kinds of terrain. Bikers say that it’s ideal for casual riding as a fitness pleasure, as well as commuting. Its upright position is what makes the bike as convenient. Vertical position means good posture as well, which is always important.Public Bike used steel and Chromoly hi-tensile blend to build the frame of the bike. That means that it’s lightweight and easy to ride. Now, even though it’s lightweight, the blend provides durability, too.

The V7 Comfort is the bike that can handle all kinds of terrain exactly because it’s lightweight but at the same time durable. This diamond frame features a sloping top tube that provides clearance.

The 7-speed system allows you to get to your desired location quickly. You’ll be able to avoid traffic and get to work smoothly and in no time. If you need the bike for fitness, you’ll be pleased to use all seven speeds in different tracks and terrain for the ultimate experience.The Shimano shifting system is easy to use and makes it easy to handle different tracks and roads.

Apart from speeds, the system includes high-quality dual pivot alloy brakes. We all know how important brakes are, especially when it comes to a bike with as many speeds. The upright shifting handles are possibly the most convenient type of handles. Shifting itself is smooth, and the handles make the system even easier to use.

If you’d like to take the bike to rougher terrain, V7’s cream tires won’t disappoint you. The tires are 35mm wide and make any road and track easy. They also handle potholes and curbs quite quickly, as well.Another few features we’d like to mention are the color matching fenders. This detail looks very stylish and makes every rider look good.

The bike features a chain guard as well. We can all agree how annoying it is when you get chain oil all over your pants and shoes. The chain guard eliminates the possibility of ruining your pants with oil.Rides agree that this is a comfortable bike that delivers smooth performance. The speed system and style make it as popular, but so does the comfort it provides. The memory foam saddle is what gives comfort in this case. It’s weatherproof, so it’s okay if you leave it in the rain sometimes. However, the saddle is also very stylish. Antique brown color and matching grips are a perfect combo that looks very nice.

The V7 Comfort bike comes in two different sizes that fit a wide variety of riders. If you’re anywhere from 5’ 2’’ to 5’ 8’’, you should consider the size small/medium that’s 18 inches. The size medium/large is 21.5 inches and fits people from 5’ 9’’ to 6’2’’.The kickstand that’s featured is a nice and convenient idea.

However, most of the people who have this bike reported that the location of the kickstand makes it unstable. More so, it’s especially unstable once you add some stuff on top of it.Experienced riders also said how there are is a slight design and construction flaw that shows up in riding. Precisely, the same bolt holds the fenders and the rear brakes. This makes the fenders and tires rub against one another after some time.

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for different terrain
  • Features 7 speed- System

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The Bad

  • The same bolt holds the rear brakes and the fenders
  • The kickstand is unstable

The Verdict

This Public Bikes model is a good choice if you want a bike suitable for commuting and fitness pleasure, but don’t want to pay a huge amount of money. Sure, you can ride it in different terrain, but its best abilities come out in classic city riding.Riders will experience quick and efficient performance thanks to the 7-speed system. Its speed and power are one of the best things about it. Brakes and the chain guard are also something you shouldn’t neglect either.

It’s not as easy to get a bike that’s good for both commuting and track riding without paying more than $1000. This Public Bikes model is a combination of everything you’d need to ride in all terrain and weather conditions. Its style and small details make it that much more suitable for efficient riding in style.The combination of materials the bike is made of brings durability to the table. Riders reported their V7 Comfort bike is sturdy and solid.

The big things like the frame shape and tires are what make this bike efficient. The design and style details are what make it so unique and fashionable. Regardless whether you want the bike for commuting or biking in tracks, you’ll be pleased with its performance and quality. Public Bikes is one of the leading companies in commuting bikes, and this model right here may be one of the reasons why.

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