Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle

The Pure Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle is a hybrid bike that offers a classically sculpted design with modern accessories and functionality. These bikes are modeled after the popular Dutch styles that offer easy riding, comfort and a touch of sophistication in the finishes and accessories. Pure City also offers the Diamond Frame style of this bike.

This is a great bike for commuters, running errands around town, getting back and forth to campus for classes and taking longer more leisurely rides along the lake or down a light trail. Although this bike was designed for road riding, it is stable enough for light terrain around parks and dirt roads in the country. The design of the bike is such that it is ideal for high riding and proper posture, making it great for people who tend to experienced back pain on bikes. Sometimes all it takes is to adjust the seat or the handlebars for an entirely different riding experience.

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Backed by a brand name that offers a one-year limited warranty on all parts and manufacturing, novice and experienced riders will appreciate this bike for its style and casual performance. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle so you can decide if it’s the right bike for you!

Features and Specifications:

The frame of the bike is built in the classic flat bar design; however, there is a step through design that is also available with the same specifications. The diamond edition is made from a very strong and durable hi-tensile steel frame that is characterized by a “fork” design in the tubing. This makes riding the bike comfortable and allows greater control and stability on the road.

The gears on the Pure City Classic Diamond bike are built by Shimano and feature 3 speeds or 8 speeds – depending on which model you want to invest in. The bike is also available in 5 different color combinations, each reminiscent of bikes found in Europe and those you would expect to see riding along a pier on the East coast of North America in the early 60s and 70s. This bike is also available in 5 different sizes so you can get a great fit, no matter your height requirements. There are two small sizes, two medium sizes, and one large size. The small and medium options offer either 3 speed or 8-speed gear shifts by Shimano. The more gears your bike has, the more options you have for terrain and elevation riding. You don’t want to be struggling to get a big city hill with only 1 or 2 gears. Make it easier to ride your Pure City bike with lots of gear options.

The wheels are set on double-walled alloy rims that are accented with stainless steel spokes, which catch your eye when they go flying by you on the street corner. They are made for cruising and offer a wide base for wheels up to 30mm deep.

The style of the bike continues with the chain guard that keeps dirt and oil from getting on your clothes; which is perfect for commuting to work. The bike features matching fenders in the classic stylings of the rest of the bike, there is a silver bell for both nostalgia and safety, a sturdy kickstand, several reflectors for safety, and a rear rack so you can take all of your belongings with you to class or work without difficulty. The handlebars offer leather grips, which are well made and add a nice touch to the bike’s design. The seat is also made of leather and offers springs – which makes riding the bike so much more enjoyable. Given the price of this bike, these features are top notch and really go the extra mile to make the riding experience memorable.

The makers of this bike take pride in offering a product that is simple, yet elegant and functional. If you are looking for a great ride to get you to and from work or for just leisurely enjoyment, consider the Pure City bike by Pure Cycles. Pure Cycles prides itself on building bikes that surprise and delight with extra accessories and features, not to mention performance and dependability. They play with the design but don’t compromise the integrity of the bicycles themselves.

Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle

The Good

  • Design, design, design! This bike is well designed, and it shows in the details of the accessories, seat, and frame.
  • Smooth riding and comfort with a spring loaded leather seat and guard for the chain, so your clothes don’t get dirty on the way to work.
  • Multiple gear options and sizes make this bike accessible to everyone and anyone!
  • For less than $500 this bike is a great deal and offers numerous accessories and features which add tons of value

Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bike

The Bad

  • It might be difficult to know if you want 3 or 8 gears and what the purpose of more or fewer gears are
  • Bike doesn’t “back peddle”
  • ​​​Not enough gear ranges for climbing hills for any length of time
  • Limited range of terrain based on the number of gears you choose
  • Moderate difficult to assemble; expert assembly may be required if you are a novice rider or aren’t sure about assembling it yourself

The Verdict

We love this bike for its style, comfort, boat loads of accessories and overall design elements. The bike handles well but can be tough on an elevated or inclined terrain. Wide tires mean it handles well in the rain, and the stability of the bike means you can get a good speed going on flat, solid ground. The number of choices in size and color make this bike ideal for anyone and everyone and makes it a great entry level bike for riders looking to get to and from work.

If you are looking for a great bike at a great price from a trusted brand in the industry, don’t overlook the Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle from Pure Cycles.

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