Road bikes are growing more popular each day thanks to their versatility and ease of use. If you want a bicycle for your daily commuting as well as for fitness and recreation, you should consider the Raleigh Grand Sport as one of the best road bikes for beginners.

This affordable bike delivers smooth performance with impressive features and specifications. It’s a sleek frame packed with all you need for commuting and training. This eye-catching model is one of the best from the brand.

A good road bike can make all the difference in how you commute every day. However, this isn’t just a commuting bike as it’s also suitable for training and racing. When it comes to choosing the right model for you things can get tricky.

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There are many models on the market which is why most people end up overwhelmed with the many options. It’s something you should choose carefully because this type of bike has to be versatile. This is why the Raleigh Grand Sport is one of the best choices on the market.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to road bikes, this might be your best choice. It’s a simple model that still delivers superior quality. Continue reading to learn all about the Grand Sport, its features, specifications and pros and cons.

Features and Specifications:

This eye-catcher is made to last and is by far among the most durable bikes on the market. The frame is built from steel and hydroformed and butted aluminum and has a carbon fork. This allows you to handle different terrain as the fork absorbs shock from the holes on the road. The combination of the frame and fork saves weight and provides easier power transfer.

Raleigh featured the FSA Omega Compact crankset along with Shimano components and 16 speeds to choose from. Also, the Shimano 2300 STI shifters and brake levers are all within reach and are highly responsive. Both shifters and levers are comfortable and designed to provide the best performance.

For the brakes, Raleigh opted for the Promax long-reach Dual-Pivot brakes to give the most controlled rides. These allow you to stop at any moment while you can also use them to adjust your speed when needed.

Probably one of the best things about the bike is the choice of tires. Clement Strada LGG 700x28c tires are low-resistance, and they are paired with double-walled Weinmann rims. These are tough, reliable and allow rides on different terrain.

The frame is compatible with rack and fenders, but the brand sells these separately. It’s recommended you install them if you’re a full-time commuter and use the bike to go to school or work.

 The combination of these specifications is what makes the bike the best of both worlds. It’s a commuting bike that also works great as a road bike for beginners. The Brooks Cambium saddle has a matching bar tape. This completes the stylish and sleek look.

The Grand Sport comes in many sizes to choose from based on your height and preferred riding position. Consult the manufacturer if you’re not sure what would be your size. It comes partially assembled, about 85%, so you’d have to install and adjust several parts. If this is something you’re not very skilled at, simply take it to any nearby shop where professionals can handle the matter.

It weighs about 24.6 lbs which isn’t really lightweight but is actually great for a road bike. It shouldn’t be too heavy because it’s made for beginners and should also be able to perform well in rougher terrain. Bikes that are too lightweight are usually also harder to control for beginners which is why Raleigh added some weight to their Grand Sport road bike.

This bike can take some time getting use to it. What this means is that you might feel the difference between how it performed the first day and how it did a few days later. The reason for this is that the cables have stretched and the bolts and housings have settled into final position. This is typical of new bikes, and it’s why your Grand Sport requires an occasional tune-up. Once you go across your first 100 to 200 miles, take the bike to the nearest REI bike shop.

The drop bar handlebar is Avenir 200 Series Road that makes the rides more comfortable. Combined with the Brooks Cambium C19 saddle, the handlebar allows a comfortable body position so you can ride for hours at a time.

Overall, it performs quite smoothly allowing you to enjoy inside as well as outside the town. Its frame is made to take some beating, and the durable tires will handle a little rougher terrain than what you’d find in the city. This is what makes the bicycle suitable for recreational training as well as basic commuting.

The Good

  • It’s lightweight
  • It has reliable brakes
  • It comes in many sizes
  • Keeps you in a comfortable body position

The Bad

  • Not the fastest

The Verdict

If you’re a beginner who is just now starting in the recreational biking, this is definitely one of the best choices for you. The Grand Sport is a perfect combination of a commuting and road bicycle that can handle smooth asphalt as well as rough terrain in the woods.

This allows you to use it to go to work and school during the week and then go around the town on weekends. Either way, the Grand Sport road bike is often recommended to beginners because it’s easy to use. It has strong brakes that help you adjust your speed in different situations or stop altogether. Of course, the quality of the frame and other components complete the picture when it comes to this impressive bicycle.

Make sure to give it a chance if you’re looking for a road bike for beginners. This one is among the most popular for its affordability, simplicity but also durability. It’s a versatile bicycle suitable for different cyclists who want adventure as well as basic commuting.

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