The Redux 2 by Raleigh Bikes is one of the most versatile and multifunctional bikes currently on the market. The reasons for this are features and abilities to ride in different conditions. You could use it for riding in the city when you have to go to work or run errands, etc. Either way, you’ll be doing it in style and without paying way too much money. The quality of Raleigh Bikes models aresome of the best in the industry, and this is one of the bikes that can easily prove that.

Most riders say how pleased they are with its performance and efficiency. Just think about the busy traffic in the city, and you’re stuck in your car. We can all agree that’s pretty boring and annoying. With a bike like this, you can easily handle all obstacles of traffic and the city in general. You’ll save time and energy, that’s for sure.

Also, its sturdy construction and sporty design deliver the superior feel that all riders can enjoy. Overall, the Redux 2 brings style, quality, and durability for less than $1000. Continue reading to learn about the uniqueness of this bike that improves rider’s lives every day.

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Specifications and Features:

First and foremost, we must mention the bike’s abilities to handle all kinds of terrain and obstacles in the city. It features an alloy frame that’s so lightweight that riders feel like they’re flying through the city. The brand also integrated the fork designed with Urban Assault geometry. This combination and design keep you upright during riding. Also, the frame geometry makes it easy to stay focused on the road. The fact that it’s so lightweight means it’s easy to ride and get to different locations easily.

The Shimano shifters provide nine speeds, which is impressive. The nine speeds offer variety and convenience. Let’s say you’re starting in biking for fitness purposes. These nine speeds will help you bring out your A game. You’d be able to take on different tracks and experience the benefits of biking. Now, when we’re talking about the speed, we must also talk about brakes. The breaks are probably more important than anything else, especially on a bike this quick.

The Redux 2 bike features hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes mean extraordinary braking abilities in wet as well as in dry conditions.

​Why is this important?

​Well, let’s say you leave your Redux 2 bike outside, and it starts to rain. Maybe you forgot or aren’t in a position to put the bike away, so it stays outside. When you take it, the bike is probably soaking wet, as well as is the road. In this case, you want braking power that can handle slippery conditions. Rides of the Redux 2 don’t ever worry about the rain because they know how well the bike performs in these situations.

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You know how bad it is when you find the bike you like, but it’s too big or small for you? Well, worry not. The Redux 2 comes in size small that fits people from 5’3’’ to 5’6’’, size medium for people from 5’6’’ to 5’9’’, size large that’s suitable for riders from 5’9’’ to 6’, and size extra-large for everyone from 6’ to 6’4’’. That means the bike is a perfect fit regardless of how tall you are. If you visit the brand’s website, you can find a complete size guide to help you determine the best size for you.

Another thing to consider is assembling your bike. Precisely, the Redux 2 comes only partially assembled, so you’ll have to do the rest. If you have experience in assembling bikes, this process shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. However, if you’ve never assembled a bike, you’ll need around 120 minutes to do it. The good thing is that you can take it to your local bike shop and have professionals assemble it for you if you’re not as comfortable doing this yourself.

It’s fast, durable and multi-use. There’s not much more you can want from a city bike. Besides, you can choose the best size that would fit you perfectly.Some people claimed they had to change the stock grips featured on the bike. Also, people have said that the shifting isn’t very smooth. If you want to consider, these customer testimonials know that these are some things to improve on the bike.

The Good

  • Multi-use bike suitable for commuting
  • Stylish and efficient
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Superior braking power

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The Bad

  • ​Stock grips aren’t as firm and reliable
  • Speed shifting is a little rough

The Verdict

We think this modern city bike changes commuting as we known it. The bike has nine speeds, which makes it much faster than many other leading commuting models on the market.

You may not like the idea of assembling the bike yourself, but we’d suggest you try it. You see, there’s something special in assembling your bike because you get the chance to see how everything works. By doing the task yourself, you understand how the bike works. Still, it’s not as safe to do it by yourself if you have no previous experience, so we suggest you take it to a professional for an inspection.

Raleigh Bikes puts effort and time into their customer service. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re having difficulties with assembling your bike. Most of the riders said how the customer service had helped them while assembling the bike, so they were able to do it in their garage. That is something we like to mention because it’s always important how the manufacturer treats its customers.

Most riders experienced superior performance, durability, and power. That is why you should try out this bike and experience the quality yourself. The Redux 2 is the bike that will make your ride to work enjoyable and exciting. The Redux 2 is the bike that will make your ride to work enjoyable and exciting.

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