Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike

The raleigh  Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike is brought to you by the world famous Raleigh brand. Raleigh has been in business since 1887, and you could say they know a thing or two about making a really great bike. The hybrid Cadent 1 is designed to provide comfort and performance for riders looking for a stylish commuter bike. The makers of the Cadent 1 are innovators and trendsetters, and Raleigh has been blazing trails for over a century. Nothing puts riders at ease more than a great brand backed by years of excellent performance.

The Cadent 1 comes partially assembled which means you can get out on the road faster because you don’t have to build the entire bike from scratch. Depending on how handy you are, you can expect to be riding in about 30 to 90 minutes. You’ll find the bike a fun twist on classic styling with modern finishes, and it looks great up close or at a distance. What’s more, it’s fun to ride and offers a comfortable, smooth performance. For a hybrid bike under $500, this is a pretty good buy and value for your money. So what makes the Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike so impressive? Let’s find out.

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Features and Specifications:

This hybrid bike by Raleigh offers smooth riding with comfortable, flat handlebars that sit at a level that provides an upright position for riding. This is the preferred position for commuters who don’t want to be in an athletic position on their way to work. The upright positioning means your spine is better aligned and therefore causes less stress to your lower back.

The frame is made from aluminum and is much thicker than any of the pictures show. It just goes to show how well built this bike is when you see it in person. The bike offers a 21-speed gear shift that shifts effortlessly, making it easy to go from hills to flat ground without breaking a sweat. The large wheels, which are 700c, make it easy to go fast and give riders more traction on the ground.

Because the Raleigh Cadent comes partially assembled, riders will need to do some work to put the rest of the bike together. The brakes have been known to be difficult to assemble, but once they are on, they are secure and work great. The Cadent 1 will stop on a dime and offer years of great support and control. The completely assembled bike weighs about 26 pounds – which is average for a bike of this size – and makes it easy to transport up stairs to an apartment or to lash onto the back of your SUV to take it to the trails.

This Raleigh hybrid bike is considered an entry level bike, but it performs like a professional bike. It offers rack and fender mounts to get your gear to where you need to go and offers a drivetrain from Shimano that keeps you going without difficulty. It comes in several sizes, namely small for people who are less than 5’6”, medium for people who are 5’6” – 5’9”, and large for riders up to 6 feet. There is also an extra large bike size that is appropriate for riders who are 6’ – 6’4” tall. The seat is provided by Selle Royal Shadow and offers a pretty comfortable riding experience for most riders around town. If you are going to be taking your bike off road, you might want to consider a more comfortable seat to deal with the terrain, but otherwise, the bike is road ready as is.

Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike

The Good

  • The bike is lightweight and made from aluminum alloy
  • Doesn’t cause stress to lower back because of riding position
  • 21 gearshifts with easy maneuverability
  • 700c tires to keep you rolling smoothly
  • Great design and classic throwback in the color and style
  • Backed by a world renowned brand name

Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike

The Bad

  • While the various sizes are great, it can be difficult for shorter people to ride this bike
  • If you prefer a high ride, order one size up
  • The frame is thicker than advertised and can feel clunky
  • Ideal for road riding, but taking it off road requires better shocks and perhaps better tires for the terrain; you can get these items at a pro bike shop if you need them
  • The seat isn’t comfortable for off roading, and more experienced riders may prefer a more customized seat

The Verdict

Overall, the Cadent 1 delivers on its promise to be a good quality commuter bike. While it is a hybrid bike, it is not for extreme off roading, and you’ll notice the discomfort right away in the seat that is included with the bike. The larger tires make it easy to go fast, and because they are wider than some other hybrid bike tires, you can get a good amount of traction even in the rain.

We love this bike for its fun play on classic bike styles accompanied by modern technology and twists. It just looks like a great bike to ride. The bike comes partially assembled which is suitable for first-time riders who want to get on the road quickly, but be sure to read the instructions carefully when it comes to setting up the brakes because it is important to your safety that they are installed correctly. If you are not sure, you can take your bike to a professional bike shop, and they can help you, but give yourself a little time to try it first. You might be surprised at how bike savvy you actually are!

Overall, we would recommend the Raleigh Cadent to novice and experienced riders for its design and performance capabilities. More experienced riders might opt for better shocks and a more comfortable seat, but otherwise, this is a great “getting around town” bike for the price and quality. When you are ready to buy your next hybrid bike, consider the Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness bike, and you won’t be disappointed.

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