If you think tricycles aren’t fun, you should think again. The Razor DXT Drift trike is among the most fun and interesting tricycles on the market. It looks great and provides an experience equally as exciting.

If you’ve been searching for the best adult tricycle, you’ve probably noticed the many options on the market. It’s a great thing to have as many models to choose from, though the choice can be quite overwhelming at times. 

Unless you choose the right one, you’ll find riding a trike uncomfortable and awkward, and you probably won’t like it. Additionally, if you’re use to riding a bicycle, the wrong trike could turn you off from trikes all together.

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For this reason, you should check out the DXT. It’s among the most popular options when it comes to this type of tricycles thanks to its overall construction and hassle-free use. It’s far more fun riding it than an upright tricycle, and it looks better too.

We’ve had some time to test its performance and the overall experience it provides. In the article below, you’ll find information about its frame, wheels, and other components. We’ll discuss its features, specifications, as well as pros and cons, allowing you to decide whether this is the tricycle for you.

Features and Specifications:

If you’re looking for something your teenage kids can enjoy equally as much as you, then the DXT Drift might be the right choice. It’s unlike most other tricycles in appearance and performance.

At first glance, you will notice a clear difference in the way the frame is designed. Unlike most others, this one has rear wheels that are smaller than the one in the front. 

Its front wheel measures 20 inches while the back ones measure 10 inches. Because of this, its seat is closer to the ground as opposed to being almost as high as the handlebars. 

Though you’d have to reach up with your arms, the position is still quite comfortable. It might be somewhat more physically demanding, but it’s something you’ll get used to fairly quickly. 

It’s important to mention that the frame comes in only one size and color option. It features a yellow/black color combination with a large label across the frame providing a more attractive style. On top of that, it fits adults up to 6’ tall and weighing up to 198 pounds.

This is a street-style tricycle that comes with Super Slider POM rear wheels that enhance the overall Drift experience. The front wheel is a more BMX-style piece that features platform pedals along with alloy crank.

Although the frame seems bulky, it weighs only 19 pounds. This makes it easy to combine riding a tricycle and taking a bus or a train along the way.

As we mentioned, the pedals are located at the front wheel while the bucket-style seat is adjustable. This allows you to customize it a bit. It makes the trike perfect for everyone from the age of fourteen and up.

Another thing worth mentioning is the moto-style handlebar design. Since the handlebars are raised above the seat you’ll have to raise your arms more than you would with a more standard tricycle. 

However, this is a perfect exercise that’s especially useful if you’re recovering from an arm injury. The position is comfortable but still serves as extra physical activity. The handlebars feature pro-style rubber grips that are comfortable and none-slippery even when they’re wet. 

It comes with front alloy V brake that enhances the performance and makes it a lot safer. It’s a reliable brake that allows you to go through traffic and turn to corners with precision and safety. 

The entire construction gives a sense of stability, and once you add the brakes to the picture, it’s easy to understand why so many people opt for this fun trike. It also has a triple-crown fork and a tow hook attachment both made of quality materials. 

As you can see, there are many quality components and overall advantages that come with the DXT Drift. One of the setbacks seems to be the 10-inch drift tires. They seem to wear rather quickly depending on how often you ride and on what kind of road surface. 

Still, most people recommend you get PVC covers that might prolong their life a bit. If not, replacement tires are available from the manufacturer though you can also get them at pretty much any bike store. You might want to consider replacing them with rubber tires at some point.

Another thing you should note is that this one doesn’t feature any baskets. Though this isn’t a major setback, it still takes away from its convenience and versatility. You might want to use it to quickly run for some groceries in which case you’d have to carry an extra bag. Of course, you can always purchase a basket separately and mount it on the trike. 

The Good

  • Perfect for recreational riding
  • Lightweight frame under 20 lbs
  • Reliable front alloy V brake

The Bad

  • No baskets included
  • Rear tires wear out quickly

The Verdict

One of the things people love the most about the DXT Drift is its unique frame shape. It not only attracts attention everywhere you go, but it also offers a bit work than other tricycles. This one puts your body in a different position which means you’d work more muscles as you ride.

Plus, riding it is a lot of fun for everyone from teenagers to senior adults. The entire family can enjoy it because the seat is adjustable and the pedals are comfortable and easy to work with. Plus, its braking system makes it that much safer and easy to maneuver in traffic. 

Take another quick look at the list of its pros and cons, and you’ll see why it stands out as much. It’s unique, lightweight and comfortable to ride for hours at the time. 

It’s evident that the manufacturer paid attention to the details, and for this reason, the DXT Drift is among the best adult tricycles currently on the market. 

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