Retrospec bicycles are known around the world as some of the best collapsible bicycles available. Located in downtown L.A., the company was founded by and for people who love riding bicycles. Boasting a simple philosophy of providing high-quality but affordable bicycles to the world, Retrospec is dedicated to their craft. Made from nothing but the finest materials available and endlessly tested, you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that your folding bicycle will have a long life. As much as they love bicycles, though, they love pleasing the customer more. As such, they are always encouraging feedback and continuous customer interaction, and constantly striving to make their order processing faster.

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The Retrospec Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle is a beauty. All you have to do is take one single look at it and you’ll fall head over heels in love. It’s not just pure style, it also manages to maintain an air of simplicity to its design. This bike will stand out in any size crowd, from a few people in the suburbs to massive urban throngs. You’ll turn all the heads riding this bicycle down any street. And not just streets; Retrospec has you covered whether you live on a street, an avenue, a circle, a road, a terrace, a court, a lane, or even a thoroughfare. (Though we personally recommend you should probably stay away from thoroughfares.)

Retrospec Speck Folding Bike

With a one-gear system and reverse brakes, you’ll be riding one of the lightest folding bikes on the market as well. It’s fully customizable as well, which should be of interest to the bicycle enthusiasts out there. If you want to add something, go ahead and do it. Want to add a front brake? Go ahead. Fenders? Go nuts. Back rack? Go for it. Little basket on the front or a cute bell? We won’t judge. You can even attach a hub motor to the front wheel and convert this to an e-bike. It’s not just empty words when we say: make this bike your own. *

The Retrospec Speck Folding Bicycle was designed with you, the commuter, in mind. Its metal frame is hand-crafted from an ultra-light aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and secure while only weighing 22 pounds. Anyone could easily carry this bike up and down a few flights of stairs. Trust us when we tell you this bike was created with an emphasis on durability. Its 20” wheels, complete with rounded tread and grooves, can easily travel through water without worry.

Retrospec ensured their bike would be able to take anything you might throw at it. 

Now, the price on this bike is on the higher end; but you’re paying for quality. We’ve already mentioned the lightweight frame, but you also get ergonomic grips on the handlebars and the renowned Retrospec saddle, one of the comfiest bike seats on the market. And with a coaster brake, you can stop your bicycle by simply pedaling backwards. No need for bulky brake levers on the handlebars.

Retrospec Speck Folding Bicycle Review


  • Folding time of 15 seconds with folding handlebar tube, top-tube, and pedals
  • 20” Folding Bike Rims
  • ​Hand-built Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • ​Retrospec Coaster Brake Hubs
  • Kenda Commuter Tires
  • Kraton Rubber Ergonomic Grips
  • Retrospec UrbanComfort Saddle


Q: Could you take this bike on an airplane?

A: It probably wouldn’t fit in a carry-on, but you might be able to check it in a hard suitcase.

Q: Can training wheels be installed?

A: As long as they mount on the rear axle, but this may prevent the bike from being able to fold.

Q: Can you install a front brake?

A: Yes

Q: What keeps the bicycle folded when not in use?

A: It ships with a strap included in the box to keep it shut, in additional to an optional carrying bag.

Customer Consensus:

  • Really solid, well-built bike
  • Very light compared to most bikes in this price range
  • Solid handlebar hinge
  • Great little bike for cruising the neighborhood
  • Folds like a champ
  • Simply beautiful and light as heck
  • Good quality, looks sharp
  • Does great at fast speeds


  • Lightweight (22 pounds)
  • 15 seconds to fold/unfold from start to finish
  • Comfortable seat
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Durable
  • Customizable


  • Some assembly required
  • On the pricier end
  • Threadless steering
  • Won’t work as well for those taller than 6 feet
  • No chain guard
  • No mud guards

Final Thoughts:

The Retrospec Speck Single-Speed Folding Bicycle is a great buy for the price. It’s super lightweight and folds up very small. The seat and handlebars are some of the most comfortable you will find. Storage is a breeze thanks to the small size when folded. This is a great bike for travel, a friend to students and commuters everywhere.

*Retrospec strongly suggests that you take your bike to a professional bicycle mechanic to be assembled, customized and/or checked out unless you’re fully confident in your abilities.

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