Are you looking for an alternative to riding a bicycle? If so, you should consider a tricycle. For most people, trikes provide independence and freedom but are more stable than classic bikes.

If you’ve been searching for a while, the chances are you’ve probably come across the Ridgeyard 6-speed trike. It’s one of the best adult tricycles on the market to this day.

It’s a versatile vehicle that’s ideal for different people but easy to use for all of them. This is an excellent choice for recovering adults and seniors looking for physical activity and light recreational riding. 

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It looks much like the most 3-wheelers on the market, but its features and specifications help it stand out. This is thanks to the smooth and safe experience you’ll enjoy at all times. On top of that, there’s a dose of convenience delivered by the smallest details that make all the difference.

You probably know the struggle of choosing an adult tricycle, more so if you’ve been searching for one for a while. It’s a tricky process because there are many models on the market and most of them look the same. Still, much like this one, they all have a unique detail that sets them apart from one another. 

This Ridgeyard trike is one of those that an entire family can use at any time. Though it’s primarily made for adults and seniors, even teenagers can enjoy it. 

Continue reading as we discuss some of the most critical information about its features, specifications as well as pros and cons. The info below will help you decide whether or not this is the right tricycle for you.

Features and Specifications:

Though it comes in only one size, there are three colors for you to choose from. The options are black, white and yellow.It’s a sturdy frame that weighs 59.5 pounds which is far more than what most trikes weigh. Though that number helps with the balance and stability of the frame, it also makes it harder to carry around. Transporting with a car or public transportation might also be tricky due to the weight.

The frame is made of high tensile steel and is tig-welded. For this reason, it’s heavy and sturdy. Steel is among the most durable materials you could opt for, which means it can withstand rough handling and different weather conditions.

Thanks to its durability, it can hold about 300 lbs of combined weight. This makes the vehicle ideal for the entire family, and it also allows you to carry different cargo in the basket. 

The basket is large and foldable. It’s located in the back, between the two rear wheels for some added convenience allowing you to carry plenty of stuff at all times. On top of that, it helps make the tricycle more suitable for cruising, going to picnics, shopping, etc.

It comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that match in style. The adjustability allows different people to enjoy the trike regardless of the height difference. For example teens can ride it to school while seniors can also use it for cruising around the neighborhood.

Its seat is padded and features springs to absorb the shocks on the road. It’s comfortable and great for long-distance rides even on slightly bumpy road surfaces. Plus, the wide handlebars enhance the stability and balance of the three-wheel design.

This is a six-speed tricycle, so it’s versatile and provides somewhat more than most others on the market. The six speeds help you get anywhere you have to and are ideal for maneuvering around town and through traffic. 

On top of that, its braking system is reliable and helps maneuverability. This is especially important for people who don’t have any experience with tricycles. 

Another few details we should mention are the fenders, and a chain guard included. Though the two might not seem like the most important features to look for, they’re quite important. 

Fenders help keep you and the trike clean and dry when you’re riding on wet roads. The chain guard helps protect your pants from getting stained or caught in the chain.

Also, this one comes unassembled, so you’ll have to put the components together before you get to take it out to the street. The entire assembly processes shouldn’t take too long if you have some previous experience with assembling bicycles or tricycles. 

However, if you don’t think you’re experienced enough, you might want to get professional help. Due to safety reasons, take it to the local bike shop where they’ll check and tune everything. If you still want to try, you can request video instructions from the manufacturer. 

The Good

  • Six speeds
  • Sturdy, durable frame
  • Large basket

The Bad

  • It’s heavy at almost 60 lbs

The Verdict

If you can look past the weight and somewhat complicated assembly process, you’re looking at one of the best adult tricycles on the market. It provides a smooth and effortless experience in different weather and road surfaces.

It’s an excellent solution for seniors and adults who are recovering from injuries or suffering from a certain condition. Every family member can enjoy the experience because it’s so easy to use and maneuver in different situations. 

If you’re still not sure whether this is the right trike for you, take a second look at its pros and cons. The ratio has more pros then cons and paints a picture of what are the advantages and setbacks of the Ridgeyard 6-speed. As you’ve seen in our review, there are far more excellent features and benefits, while only a few minor drawbacks.

Consider its weight and whether it would ever present a problem for you. If not, Ridgeyard will change the way you feel about riding a tricycle. Its unique design and comfort make all the difference when compared to others on the market. 

Though all of its components are durable and resistant, they’re also replaceable. The frame is compatible with replacement parts that are all easy to find even in stores. 

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