Finding the best commuter bike in today’s market seems more complicated than it has to be. There are many models to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, budget and riding style.

If you’re looking for a classic yet impressive bike, you should consider the Royce Union 700c Hybrid as one of the best commuter bikes under 500.

It’s an RMX that’s ideal for daily travels to school or work. It’s simple to use and equally as easy to maintain which makes it an excellent choice for running errands and hopping around town.

Choosing an affordable model is always tricky because brands tend to cut corners to reduce the overall price of their products. That’s normal, but for bikes, it’s crucial that all the important parts remain of good quality to secure smooth and secure rides.

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For this reason, you have to be particularly careful with affordable bikes. This is where the Royce Union 700c Hybrid stands out as one of the most impressive commuters at this price range. It comes from a reliable brand and features a quality frame along with other critical components. 

Continue reading to learn all about this quality bicycle. In the text below, you’ll find all the most critical information to help you decide whether this is the right model for you. We’ll cover its specifications, features as well as a quick list of the pros and cons that stand out the most.

Features and Specifications:

Royce Union is among the best brands on the market when it comes to affordable commuter bikes. Its 700c Hybrid model is one of the best-selling bikes from the company to this day. It’s a versatile and convenient bicycle that’s suitable for both beginners and those who’ve been commuting on a bike for a while already.

This RMX offers superior performance and easy maintenance as the two most critical things to look for. There is also a stylish frame and ergonomically designed comfort components for smooth rides on different road surfaces and weather conditions. 

Its frame is made of aluminum and is durable and resistant. It weighs less than 45 pounds which isn’t the most lightweight hybrid, but it’s still reasonably easy to control and maneuver in tight corners. It’s also quite resistant to corrosion and won’t rust as quickly as most similar models do. 

This bike also features a ZOOM suspension fork for reliable and stable performance. It comes partially assembled, so you’ll have to finish the job before taking it out on the street. Still, all the necessary tools are included so assembly shouldn’t take you much time. 

It’s also crucial to mention that the frame comes in two sizes allowing you to choose between 15-inch and 17-inch models. Both come with the same features and specifications, but one is larger than the other. Several different colors are available as well allowing you the choice between red, white, blue and gray.

It features a premium, well-padded VELO saddle with dual springs for some added comfort. This makes the commuter bicycle especially suitable for long rides on terrain with occasional holes. On top of that, the handlebars are ergonomically designed to match the contour of your hands. There’s a slight rise to them as well for a more upright body position.

This is a 3-speed bicycle with Shimano Twist and Shimano Nexus rear derailleur. The combination allows smooth and quick shifting that won’t be a distraction during rides. Plus, the Shimano internal hub protects from rain, dirt, mud and helps maintain the bike clean and functional. 

For brakes, the brand went for lightweight alloy linear pull brakes along with machined alloy wheel rims. The powerful brake pad contact allows supreme stopping power that’s especially important in areas with heavy traffic and tight corners.

The bike comes with 700c tires with all-terrain tread on them for enhanced rolling momentum and less resistance. They perform equally as well in all weather conditions but aren’t the best choice for off-road adventures. 

After all, this is a commuter bike, so make sure to stick to concrete for the most part. Occasional holes shouldn’t damage the tires but of course, try to avoid them as best you can. It performs well in the rain though you should always be more careful when the roads are wet.

One thing you should keep in mind is the assembly. You’ll receive some instructions on how to do it, though most people claim they’re confusing and inadequate. If you’ve never assembled a bike before, you might have some issues with this step, so you should consider getting some help from a local bike shop.

The Good

  • Comfortable handlebar and saddle
  • Durable and resistant frame
  • Smooth shifting
  • Tires for all weather conditions
  • Automatic keyhole cover

The Bad

  • Difficult assembly

The Verdict

At this point, you can probably tell why this is among the best commuter bikes under 500 dollars. It’s a versatile and convenient vehicle suitable for both daily commuters and those who will only ride it occasionally.

It’s easy to use and maintain which are the two most important things to think about when buying such a bicycle. On top of that, it comes with assembly tools which you can use for later maintenance. Even if you choose to have maintenance done by professionals, it shouldn’t cost you much because it’s a simple bike with available replacement parts. 

An important thing to remember with this Royce Union model is that most of its parts are easy to replace. This means that you can always find a replacement part though you should always contact the manufacturer first if the bike is still under warranty. 

As we mentioned, choosing a commuter bike doesn’t have to be difficult though it might seem like that if it’s your first time shopping for such a bike. It’s a bit trickier than when you have a bigger budget, but still, you can find some reliable bikes at this price as well. The Royce Union Hybrid is a clear example that bikes can cost less and still deliver equally as impressive quality.

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