Schwinn is an American bike manufacturer incorporated in 1895. Think about that. They were around thirteen years before the Ford Model T rolled off the production line. A shining example of the American Dream at work, Ignaz Schwinn embodied American industrial value and entrepreneurial know-how. For over a century, Schwinn has maintained these values in an increasingly crowded industry, without sacrificing any part of the founder’s original vision.

Everyone deserves to experience the thrill of tearing down the road on a quality bicycle, wind blowing through your hair, legs pumping, the sweet ache of a good workout radiating throughout your body. Schwinn believes that, and as such targets their bikes to those of all ages and experience levels; everything from their line of “walk n’ roll” kids bikes to tournament level racing bikes. Schwinn knows bikes – that’s a guarantee.

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Another fantastic bike from the Schwinn company. As per usual, Schwinn delivers versatility, efficiency, dependability, durability, really all those good adjectives, in one small package. 

It’s easy to ride, easy to store, and easy to fold.

Like all Schwinns, the schwinn hinge folding bike is a beautiful bike. And it’s not just a looker. It also comes loaded with features you wouldn’t expect to see anywhere but on a full-size standard bicycle.With front and rear fenders and a rear carrying rack, this bike is perfect for the commuter. You’ll be able to ride in practically any weather, and the fenders will keep your legs nice and dry, while the rack is perfect for toting anything from your backpack to a sack of groceries.

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike Review

The rim brakes give you a much safer ride than pedal brakes, and its 20 inch wheels are perfect for the streets. And it’s not just added features they threw into this folding bike, either; Schwinn knows how important your comfort is when you’re riding, so they made sure to build a bicycle with a comfortable seat and handlebars with ergonomic grips. Not only will you be able to commute anywhere safely, you’ll be able to do so in comfort and style.


  • Low stand-over folding frame
  • 20” alloy wheels with smooth rolling street tires
  • Front and rear fenders for all-weather riding
  • Folding pedals and stem to allow fit in most car trunks
  • Nylon carrying bag included
  • Rim brakes
  • 7-speed gearshift
  • Rear rack for bags

The schwinn hinge folding bike can be broken down and stored in a matter of seconds, too. Unlike other fold up bikes that force you to remove the pedals for the perfect storage, the Hinge comes standard with collapsible pedals, giving it a streamlined shape that will fit almost anywhere. And just to add more to the ease of this bike, the included nylon carrying bag means you can carry the folded bike slung on your back or over a shoulder, freeing up both hands for carrying more important items.


Q: You say the wheels on the bike are 20 inches, but the name of the bike says 14 inches. Which is it?

A: The wheels are 20. The fourteen inches refers to vertical stand-over height.

Q: How tall can you be and still ride this bike?

A: Anything over six feet would be pushing it to its limits, but the seat is adjustable so anything around or under 5”10 should work fine.

Schwinn 14” Hinge Folding Bike

Customer Consensus:

“It holds well even when I ride it and I’m about 200 pounds. It’s a light weight bike so it tugs forward every time you pedal which I thought was great response for such a small framed bike.”

“Sturdy, stable, and nice classic design.”

It rides nice and smooth, good looks, feels like it’s going to last a lifetime.”

“Very nice, easy to put away, light on weight. Love it!”


  • Durable
  • Rim brakes
  • Locking hinges
  • Big seat
  • Fenders


  • Heavier than other models at 41 pounds
  • Takes a little longer to fold and unfold
  • Fenders and add-ons take up more space

It may be a little heavy, but the schwinn hinge folding bike makes up for that 41 pounds with extra strength and durability thanks to its steel frame. A common complaint among many folding bike owners is that the hinge where the bike fold together is often the weakest part of the bike, prone to snapping. Not the Hinge It’s hinge is locked and secured, and while this might add a few seconds to the folding and unfolding time, it won’t break on you.

Final Thoughts:

This bike is a great buy. It’s right in the middle of the pack for price, but it’s one of the sturdiest you’ll find. This bike will serve you well for many years. It’s perfect for commuters, especially in busier, more urban environments. It’ll get you to your destination and back, and allow you to carry things with you. Sure, you can run errands with other folding bikes, but you’re severely limited to what types of errands without that carrying rack the Hinge has. Without it, you couldn’t shop for groceries, or really anything that wouldn’t fit in your pocket. They clearly had every possibility in mind when they designed this bicycle.

Schwinn brings a commitment to detail second to none to the construction of the Hinge, and it’s noticeable. The quality is top-notch in every aspect of its design. Honestly, with how many years and how many miles you’ll be able to use this bike, you’re really stealing money from the company. You can’t possibly go wrong with this choice.

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