Schwinn’s versatile line of bikes has something to offer for every biker enthusiast, from the youngest, needing the help of training wheels, to the highly skilled or the cruiser. With a vast array of sizes, colors, and options, finding a price range and bike to fit a personalized need is no problem for this company.

About Schwinn Bikes

For the littlest people of the family, Schwinn offers a line of bikes called SmartStart. With the specifications aimed to fit younger body frames, these bikes feature narrow pedal positions that match the narrower hips of children, allowing for a stronger pedal stroke. Also, these bikes are lighter weight, have a seat positioned to fit a child’s proportions, smaller grip diameters for small hands, a gear specially designed to reduce top speed for parents’ comfort, and a beginning bike with 12” wheels. With an affordable price range of $70-$90, this is a great option.

For the serious biker, Schwinn offers mountain, urban and hybrid bikes for all-terrain and skill types. For the mountain biker, there are at least 12 styles of bikes to comfortably fit men and women, with prices ranges between $330-$1100. These bikes are perfect for a rider who wants a durable bike that feels solid over rugged surfaces. On the flip side, the urban bike line is designed for riders who want a functional and stylish bike for commuting or neighborhood riding that still offers durability.

Schwinn Bike

Again, with a dozen options and prices ranging from $320-$700, there is a bike to please everyone. The hybrid bike line is a great combination for those who want a comfortable and versatile bike for fitness or pleasure, on or off road. Priced between $420-$820, these are a great go-to bike for all kinds of activities.

The largest collection of bikes belongs to the cruiser category, boasting 27 options from single riding to tandem riding, two wheels, to three wheels. With a wide range in prices from $240-$840, there is sure to be a bike for the rider who wants a simple, yet classic, comfortable bike to ride around towns or on beaches. Designed to be easy on the body, anyone is sure to enjoy a sunny afternoon cruising on one of these bikes.

Folding Bikes

Not to be outdone by other companies, the Schwinn Loop 7-Speed folding bike has become a very popular addition to their company. With 20” Alloy rims, this green or black colored bike can fold down to 16” x 32.5” x 26”, with a weight of 33 pounds. It features 7-speed Shimano grip shifting, city tires, 3-piece single-speed crankset, and includes a heavy-gauge nylon bag to store the folded bike. Easy to store in small places, light enough to carry up the stairs of an apartment, and compact enough to quickly maneuver on and off a bus, it’s a great addition to Schwinn with a competitive price of $200.

Founded in 1895 by a German-born engineer, Ignaz Schwinn, the Schwinn Bicycle Company dominated the industry through most of the 20th century. After declaring bankruptcy in 1992, it is now a subsidiary of Dorel Industries (Pacific Cycle). In addition to a plethora of bikes, Schwinn offers accessories to compliment its riders, carrying pumps, saddles, storage basket, bells, helmets, and lights. The company maintains a user-friendly website, and their products are also sold in easy-to-find stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Schwinn has been producing top quality products for over 100 years and looks to continue to do so for hundreds more. Whether it’s your first folding bike or your tenth, when you buy a Schwinn you can be sure that you’re getting top level craftsmanship and quality!

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