Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels),Black

The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is an affordable commuter bike and one of our choices for best hybrid bikes under 300. The first thing you’ll be interested in learning is you get a lot of ‘bang for your buck,’ in which you get a lot of accessories for your money (we’ll touch on these later).

You might wonder if the Schwinn Discover hybrid bike can live up to the claims of being an excellent all around biking choice, due to the fact it looks like a mountain bike whilst also claiming to be a perfect way to commute to work. One of the issues with mountain bikes is that there’s typically a lot of effort needed to ride them on the road. However, the Schwinn uses more of a ‘road bike’ frame, which gives a more comfortable and easy ride.

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schwinn discover men’s hybrid bike Features and Specifications:

One great feature is that this Schwinn Hybrid bike comes with suspension inside the seat. Meaning that you can ride comfortably sitting down, over the most annoying potholes your city has to offer. Seats are often forgotten with bikes, with a lot of the manufacturers focusing on improving other mechanical parts first. However, we think that if you’re subjecting yourself to hours every week to sitting down on your bike, it should be important how comfortable your seat is.

Schwinn provides you with a 21-speed SRAM grip shifters. They’re simple and easy to use and are built into the handles themselves, working with a twist motion, to drop down a gear, or to use one of the larger gears this bike has to offer. Whilst we do have a slight preference towards shift gears (they’re easier to use), this wasn’t a massive issue for us.

Schwinn has implemented 3 quick releases; this includes both the front and back wheels and the seat. This allows for quick adjustments, or repairs whilst you’re commuting. But it also serves as a means for a passer-by to disarm your bike, should they feel like it! So we’d be mindful of that, and swap for a bolted release if it’s a concern (it’s an extra few dollars).

The frame comes with two bolts, which make it easy for you to attach a water bottle/pump to it. Or if you live in Florida you could attach a speaker to it ( this allows you to get around those pesky laws that disallow in-ear headphones whilst cycling).

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bicycle (700C Wheels)Black

The schwinn discover men’s hybrid bike is very light, being forged out of aluminum (weighing a total of 46lbs). Which is very light for a bike of this nature. It also has v style brakes, whilst there’s nothing wrong with v brakes. They’re not our preferred brakes to come with a bike – it’s all down to individual preference.

Typically with bikes in this price range, you can purchase disc brakes separately. However, this bike doesn’t have the right forks to enable this. The forks themselves are one of the few hybrids in this price range to offer front suspension, meaning that your ride just got more comfortable!

A very good tell that this is a hybrid bike is the tires. If you look they’re not thick like a typical mountain bike (with wedges etched in to grip the dirt), but they’re also not thin like a road bike, with little to no grip. We’d say they’re in the happy medium zone, giving you just enough outer grip to enjoy the off-road but also the right thickness to give you the speed you need on the road.

Schwinn includes a sturdy 3 piece crank set with this bike, as they tend to be stronger than their 2 piece or even 1 piece counterparts. This enables you to maintain your bike with ease, prolonging the usage you’ll get out of this bike and make it relatively easy to work on.

As we mentioned before this bike comes with an overwhelming number of accessories. One of the first accessories I’d like to bring to your attention is the rack that’s included with the bike.

This gives you the option to leave your rucksack on the rack, rather than carrying it over your shoulders. This is a great way of reducing a sweaty back in the hotter months. And it’s entirely useful when you’ve got heavier items to carry, so the weight is more distributed across your bike.

Another great accessory this bike comes with is rear and front fenders. Now, these serve to protect you from the likes of mud and dirt being flung up and dirtying your clothes. This obviously comes in handy when it unexpectedly rains; you have a means to protect yourself from the dirt.

The accessories that come with the bike are easy to take off with a wrench also. So, if it’s a warm day and you want to explore the wilderness with your friends or family. Then you can remove the “dead weight” and enjoy a leisurely ride in the outdoors.

The Good

  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Suspension in The Seat
  • Good choice of road bike tires
  • Front suspension

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)Black

The Bad

  • ​V brakes
  • Twist gears

The Verdict

the schwinn discover men’s hybrid bike  was built for comfort, with the suspension in the big seat – to the suspension in the front forks. It’s meant for someone who wants to take their time and enjoy the ride on their commute – not for someone who intends to shave a couple of extra minutes off their travels.

Although the accessories are a very nice addition – just remember that you can buy most of these separately. This bike allows you to conquer the streets and also enables you to keep using it offroad. But don’t get too confident with the front suspension -as they’re spring loaded we would advise moderate usage off-road, at most.

Ultimately, this bikes is a bargain for someone who just wants to enjoy owning a reliable bike. As Schwinn has used mostly all of their parts to complete this bike, you’re given a lot more purchasing power. Hence why Schwinn have included front suspension forks and a comfier seat within this price range.

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