If you’re searching for the best commuter bike under 500, chances are you’ve heard someone mention Schwinn Gammon cruiser. It’s among the best-selling bikes by this brand at this price range.

Commuting is a great way of adding some fitness into your daily life. It’s ideal for shaking off some additional pounds and improving your overall health quickly and easily.

Still, this type of bicycle often costs quite a lot and is more than what beginners are willing to pay. If it’s your first time buying a commuter bike, you should start with something that costs less than 500. At the very beginning, you’re still unsure about whether you’ll like the activity or not, right?

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Still, this Schwinn bike offers something that many lack and that’s the vintage, stylish look. Apart from looking quite attractive, the bicycle is easy to use and ideal for both beginners and more experienced riders. 

It does have a few flaws and setbacks, but it’s generally an excellent choice for all people who commute on the daily or just occasionally for recreational purposes.

Continue reading to learn more about all the advantages and setbacks it comes with. After hours of research, we’ve gathered all the most critical information about its components, performance, and overall quality.

Features and Specifications:

The first thing you should remember is that this is a cruiser bike. It’s a lot similar to a standard commuter bicycle though it’s a bit more suitable for casual and slow rides as opposed to the quick performance of the classic version. 

Still, the cruiser frame has its benefits and is often more relaxing than other types. This one comes in several sizes and colors to choose from although black is the most popular to this day. The retro design is unique and will attract attention wherever you go.

Keep in mind that this is a simple, single-speed bike, so it doesn’t offer many options and versatility in that sense. There’s one speed, and it’s what you’ll have to work with regardless of the terrain and weather conditions. However, the intuitive coaster brake helps make rides safer and carefree. 

The Gammon has swept-back cruiser handlebars that are designed to follow the shape of your hand. They help keep your back straight and your entire body in an upright position. 

For this reason, you’ll enjoy riding the bike even for a longer time and across a longer distance. Thanks to its overall design, it’s not as hard on your back even if you ride every day and for longer than an hour.

Another feature worth mentioning are the front and rear fenders. They match the overall design and add even more to its retro spin while also protecting your pant legs from mud, dirt, and water on the road. 

The frame isn’t the most lightweight on the market. The entire construction along with all its features weighs a little over 44 pounds. Still, it’s not the heaviest either, so it’s just a matter of whether the weight of this bike is to heavy for you to carry from time to time . Some people who often have to carry their bikes typically look for lighter frames. Either way, it’s up to you and your needs and preferences.

Another thing that adds to the overall comfort of the Gammon is its spring seat. It matches the looks of the bike and quality that the brand is so well-known for. This is a critical piece of the bicycle since it absorbs much of the vibrations on the road while softening your ride.

It’s essential to mention that Schwinn is among the most easily accessible brands on the market. They have a reliable customer service that’s always there to help you should you have any issues with the product. 

Also, the brand offers replacement parts and additional accessories for all their models, Gammon included. This one, much like the others from the manufacturer is easily upgradeable and customizable to deliver excellent performance at all times.

Overall, it’s a great combination of quality and style all in one bicycle. The performance it delivers is suitable for your everyday commute to work or school, while it’s also ideal for casual rides in the park. This is one of those bikes that last a long time thanks to the durable frame and quality parts. 

The only components that might need replacement after some time are the saddle and handlebars. These are the parts that wear out quite quickly especially if you ride every day. Everything else will last for years to come if you use and maintain the bike accordingly. 

The Good

  • Attractive, vintage looks
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Upgradeable
  • Requires minimal maintenance

The Bad

  • It weighs over 44 pounds

The Verdict

What do you think about the Schwinn Gammon now that you’re aware of some of its features and specifications? We had some time with this bike and are equally as impressed with it as are all the riders that use it.

If you wonder why it’s for the simple reason of convenience and ease of use. This is a single-speed bicycle, and it doesn’t get much easier to use than that. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance which is often a plus if you’d have to do this at a bike shop. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that this one comes partially assembled, much like all commuter bikes these days. It’s neatly packed in a box and shipped to your address, but you’ll have to put a few pieces together before you can take it for a ride.

The entire process shouldn’t take too long as it’s not that complicated. Still, if you think you’re not skilled enough, take it to the nearest bike shop where professionals will do it in a matter of minutes. 

Finally, make sure to consider this one as one of the best cruisers on the market. It’s unique and attractive, so you’ll be noticed wherever you go. More importantly, it performs well in city streets and both wet and dry weather conditions. 

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