Once you decide to take on biking as a form of fitness, the next most important thing is to choose the right bike for you. Without a doubt, many experienced bikers will often recommend the Schwinn GTX bike for commuting and getting in shape.

It’s fast and will get you from point A to point B in a blink of an eye. Also, it’s sturdy and durable bike that’s going to last a long time providing comfort, speed and of course, fun. The bike is made for men, meaning that it’s bigger and will hardly fit women.

Why do you need the GTX?

When compared to other models on the market today, the GTX by Schwinn stands out. Its specifications and features as well as the benefits it brings to the table make it a clear winner amongst other commuting bikes for men.

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Its 700c tires and 21-speed trigger shifters are only a couple of things that stand out the most about this bike. Its overall performance makes everyone fall in love with biking. I’ve come across some people who highly recommend this bike but never used to like cycling or even the most basic commuting.

I’ve done a little research and found some technical information, features, specifications and many other exciting things about this bike. Continue reading to learn all about it as we go in depth on some of the most important things that make the Schwinn GTX one of the best commuting bikes on the market.

Design and Features:

The GTX 2.0 bike features the best alloy wheels and 700c tires. This combination of wheels and tires allow you to take the bike on and off-road. If you need the bike for commuting, but you’re also into adventurous off-road biking, this is a great bike for you. The frame of the bike is an aluminum dual sports frame, that’s durable and suitable for different terrain. Also, the brand’s own Schwinn suspension fork is also included in this model.

The bike has speed; it’s comfortable and durable. Once you get to riding, you’ll quickly notice how the bike forces you to stay in a healthy, upright position that’s the best for your spine. Its quality allows you take it anywhere you want because it’s versatile and convenient for most bike riders.

I don’t think there are more serious things about a bike than its brakes. In the case of Schwinn GTX 2.0, both front and rear disc brakes are featured. The brake system of this bike gives it a lot of stopping power providing you with a safe and secure ride at all times. Also, the Schwinn Alloy Crank gives free gearing, which means you are the one that’s in total control of the bike. The best thing about it is that you can turn it in any direction you want at any time.

Majority of bikes are often hard to control and may appear too sturdy, but the GTX has such swift movement that you’ll quickly realize why so many riders choose it as their fitness companion. Its stopping power, tires, wheels and the alloy crank make this bike a game-changer in off-road biking and commuting.

When it comes to speed, there are several things to note at first. You already know that mountain bikes are much slower than road bikes, so you can guess how fast the GTX is. It’s easy to take on any road with this bike because it features 21-speed trigger shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur. These two give the bike some shifting advantage as well as much more control and power. Also, if you’re a beginner, these features will make it much easier for you to get used to this bike.

Keep in mind that this bike is medium sized, meaning that it isn’t suitable for people who are 6’’ or above.

Also, note that the bike doesn’t come pre-assembled. You’ll either have to assemble it yourself if you’re a professional already and know what to do with a bike that comes in pieces or have someone else deal with it if you’re a beginner. I suggest you always check up the bike in your local bike shop just so they can assure you that the bike is well-assembled, safe and ready for you to use it.

Let’s take a second to look at its pros and cons. This little list of the good and the bad will allow you to have a clearer picture of the bike overall.

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The Good

  • Features the best 700c tires that are suitable for different terrain
  • Versatile and ideal for on and off-road biking
  • Durable and easy to maneuver
  • It’s fast

Camp 20 Alloy 7 Speed Folding Bike Disc Brake Super Sonic folded

The Bad

  • You have to assemble it yourself or get professionals to do it
  • It only fits people who are less than 6’’ tall

The Verdict

As I said before, getting into biking isn’t always the most natural thing to do, especially if you have a bike that doesn’t fit you and your needs. People who usually never rode a bike or used it for commuting are often scared of beginning, but with a bike such as the GTX 2.0 by Schwinn, there’s no place for fear.

I hope that information you read above was enough to help you understand how this bike works. Once you realize how it works and that it’s safe, I’m sure you’ll give it a try. Simply, the bike is ideal for everyone who wants different things from their bike. If you need the bike to go to work or school every day, as well as take on some thrilling riding tracks, the GTX is a good choice.

Its design allows you total control over the bike, which is especially convenient for people who have a lot of traffic in their town. If you’re someone who’s ready to take on biking, commuting and off-road riding, the GTX by Schwinn is an ideal choice that delivers quality features and specifications, as well as remarkable performance, durability, and ease of use.

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