Schwinn Midmoor hybrid bike is a combination of a street and mountain bike with a classic black design. Just as every Schwinn bike, Midmoor offers supreme quality and smooth performance being that it’s a versatile bike suitable for many types of riders.

After reading several Schwinn hybrid bike reviews and talking to many of its customers, I found out a lot of great information about the Midmoor. Some of the most important things about it that we will discuss in depth are its weight and materials it’s made of. Of course, we won’t skip all other crucial details such as stopping power, rims, shifters and other features.

Midmoor is, more than anything, a comfortable bike. Every experienced biker can tell you about how much attention does Schwinn pay to comfort. They always focus on having a bike that offers smooth and enjoyable rides.

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Midmoor comes in black only and size medium. It looks modern and retro at the same time, especially thanks to the classic black paint job. Plus, since it’s a hybrid bike, you can take it mountain biking, as well as use it for simple commuting around town, to work or school. It’s fast and reliable, which are the two essential things to look for when buying a new bike.

Take a minute or two to read about Schwinn Midmoor in more detail as we break down its technical specifications, features as well as the overall experience. I’ve also included some pros and cons just to sum everything up in a few words.

Features and specifications:

When it comes to buying a new bike, most of the time, you’ll have to choose between speed and its ability to take on the smallest bumps and trails. However, the Schwinn Midmoor efficiently takes on different types of rough terrain while also being quite fast on paved roads you usually take to work. You need a versatile bike, especially if you want to take on long-hour rides as a form of cardio exercise on weekends.

The Schwinn Midmoor is the type of hybrid bike that delivers all that with ease. Its main feature that makes most of that possible is its weight. The bike is made with an aluminum hybrid frame that’s lightweight, allowing the bike to speed up quickly and easily. Besides, its weight is directly connected to its ability to provide efficient and comfortable riding.

The gear changes of this bike are precise since Schwinn made sure to feature the most quality parts. Precisely, Midmoor features Shimano 21 speed EZ Fire shifters, plus the Shimano rear derailleur. They work together hand in hand to deliver preciseness and efficiency.

Where there is speed, we also must discuss the stopping power. Midmoor is one of Schwinn’s most popular bikes, and its power to stop at any condition and quickly is partly the reason why so many people opt for this bike. It features alloy linear pull brakes that are durable, and efficient in both wet and dry conditions, regardless of the terrain you’re on.

Now, I’ve mentioned durability quite a few times, but there are even more things that add to it when it comes to the Midmoor hybrid bike. Its alloy high profile rims are also something that contributes to how durable the bike is. These light and strong rims provide stability when you’re commuting, as well as riding off-track for exercise.

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Overall, apart from its features and specifications that provide comfort, there is also a general feel that the bike brings. For some added comfort, Schwinn Midmoor has swept-back handlebars. These feature handlebar stem that’s adjustable so you can customize your riding position. We all know that upright riding position is the best for when you’re riding a bike. However, in certain conditions, and in long-hour rides, it’s good to be able to change your position from time to time. This is where Midmoor shines because you’ll be able to choose the position that’s most comfortable to you at any time you like.

The bike comes in size 18’’/Medium, which may be its only setback. Most of the time, people like to choose from a wider size range. However, the size here it’s quite standard, and it does fit the most men. Still, make sure to double-check your measurements before anything, just so you’re certain that the bike will fit you. Plus, it only comes in black. Black is a very universal and classy color, but it wouldn’t be bad to have a few more colors to choose from. These aren’t major things to complain about since its technical specifications and features it offers are much more essential.

Overall, Midmoor is a comfortable, durable and versatile bike that handles both on and off the road tracks. You’ll enjoy simple commuting, going to school or work, and cruising around town. Plus, you’ll also be able to take on a slightly rougher terrain. Its versatility comes in handy often for men who seek cardio exercise and easy form of transportation in biking.

The Good

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Reliable stopping power
  • Adjustable riding position
  • Suitable for both on and off-road riding
  • Features 700C wheels

The Bad

  • Comes only in one size and color

The Verdict

If you’re sure the bike will fit your size, it’s probably the best bike to go for if you’re looking for durability, versatility, speed, safety, and comfort. Schwinn hybrid bike reviews are the best way to learn about these amazing bicycles. Midmoor is no exception since it’s made by the same standard, featuring innovative technologies. Plus, the bike is convenient, versatile and can get you through any traffic, in both wet and dry conditions. There’s no denying how useful that is especially if you live in the area with different weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a perfect bike for strolling around town, going to work, or enjoying long-hour off-road rides, Schwinn Midmoor hybrid bike might be what you’re looking for. The combination of its features and specifications deliver supreme experience and quality of performance every time.

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