Schwinn Voyager 1 may be one of the most popular hybrid bikes on the market today. It’s well known that Schwinn is the go-to brand when you’re looking for a new bike. In a series of outstanding models, Voyager 1 700C is the one that stands out the most.

What’s the best thing about the Voyager 1 700C?

The bike is a combination of supreme specifications and useful features. Most of all, it’s comfortable and reliable. The Voyager 1 700C is a top quality hybrid bike that Schwinn made for people who enjoy off-track riding as well as simple commuting.

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It’s made of durable materials that guarantee longevity, which is one of the most important things about hybrid bikes. Plus, its brakes, saddle and other features are made with an eye for the details. The bike is versatile and convenient, and it will get you pretty much anywhere you want. Choosing the Voyager 1 700C as your bike of choice is probably one of the best decisions if you’re looking to buy a new hybrid bike. It’s stable and delivers top performance.

Take a few minutes to read the most critical information about this bike. As in all of my Schwinn hybrid bike reviews, I’ve covered all the features, technical specifications, and overall performance. You can also find the pros and cons, as well as all that the Voyager 1 700C delivers.

Specifications and features

Voyager 1 is specially made for commuting and occasional riding on light off-road tracks. It’s the best bike to use for commuting and fitness purposes. Biking is one of the best things to do when you’re looking to add some cardio to your daily routine, and Voyager 1 can quickly make that process enjoyable for you.

Its frame is quite robust but still lightweight. More precisely, it’s a 700C aluminum frame that doesn’t weight much but can handle most rough tracks. The lightweight frame adds to the overall comfortable feel of the bike. It’s versatile and flexible enough to handle all kinds of conditions. Also, it features fender mounts as well as a holder.

One of the best things about this commuting bike is that it can easily handle steep tracks, too. It does it with ease thanks to its Shimano EF51 shifters that work hand in hand with the Shimano Altus rear and front derailleurs. Plus, its alloy linear-pull brakes give you the ultimate stopping power that’s important even in mildly steep tracks.

Overall, the bike is made for fitness, commuting, and fun riding on the weekends. It’s comfortable enough so you can ride it for hours, too. Because the bicycle features an upright riding position, you won’t feel that horrible back pain after riding. This is important for the spine, especially if you’re often riding the bike and for an extended period. Also, the bike features a suspension seat that’s bump-absorbing for extra comfort. It has 50mm of a comfortable saddle.

Another great thing about this bicycle is its ability to maintain its speed regardless of the terrain you’re in. It’s because it features a smooth shifting drivetrain with 21 speed and SRAM Grip Shift shifters. This allows you to speed up quickly and keep the speed for as long as you need. The SR Suntour NEX suspension gives you about 63mm of travel when the track points down. Plus, its 700 x 38C protective tires are reliable and robust enough to handle trails and holes on the road. Voyager 1 features Weinmann zac 19 double wall 32H rims for all the extra durability you can get from a hybrid bike.

Its chain is the KMC Z51, that’s the best type of chain for this sort of bicycle. Also, the Schwinn dual-density grips are quite comfortable even after hours of riding in different terrain. The handlebar is the Schwinn Path, made of steel and measuring 25.4, 50mm rise. The well-known Schwinn pedals are made of Plastic/Kraton and feature reflectors for extra safety for when you’re riding during nighttime.

Its only setback is that it doesn’t feature any rear suspension. Admittedly, some people may see this as a deal breaker, although this feature isn’t entirely necessary for commuting. Voyager 1 is made for simple town biking, going to office or school, and enjoyable riding on weekends. It’s understandable why Schwinn thought rear suspension isn’t something you’d need in those cases. Plus, other features of the Voyager 1 make up for the slight set back anyway.

Overall, the best proof of its quality is the fact that the bike has been around for about a decade. Ever since coming out, it has been one of the most favorite commuting bikes on the market. Its features and the performance it provides are top quality. Schwinn has made a great bike in the Voyager 1, and for this reason, it’s highly recommended by many passionate bikers.

Overall, the bike feels comfortable and reliable. It’s going to last you a long time before you even consider having to replace it. This is thanks to the quality of Schwinn’s work, specifications and features they’ve included in the Voyager 1 hybrid bike.

The Good

  • Upright riding position
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and reliable
  • Features 700C tires
  • Ideal for long hour rides
  • Supreme stopping power

The Bad

  • No rear suspension

The Verdict

When it comes to Schwinn hybrid bike reviews, there are always so many details and things to cover. There’s the matter of comfort, safety, speed and ultimately, stopping power. In the case of Voyager 1, all of these features are specially designed to deliver the ultimate quality of performance.

The bike is best for going from point A to point B, but it’s also suitable for long hour rides in slightly rougher terrain. Its wheels and tires help the bike endure the rough terrain and holes on the road. Plus, its speed momentum and stopping power help ride with safety even when there’s traffic.

If you’re looking for a bike to get you to school or work, but also perform well in off-road tracks for some fitness purposes, Schwinn Voyager 1 700C might be the best choice for you.

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