Riding a bicycle is one of the most fun things to do in life. It’s exciting and allows you to be slightly more independent as opposed to taking public transportation. Still, what happens when you can’t ride a bike anymore?

Adults and senior adults often can’t ride a traditional bike for several reasons. If that’s the case with you, you should consider the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle. It’s among the best adult trike models on the market that features all such a vehicle should have.

This is one of the best options for those looking for a simple, convenient and easy-to-use trike. Its frame, brakes, basket and other features enhance the performance and help you enjoy the ride to the fullest. 

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The Schwinn Meridian is ideal for those interested in light recreational rides and cruising around town. It’s a stable vehicle that gives a sense of safety you don’t get with a regular bike.

We’ve had some time with the Meridian, so we tested its performance and endurance. During that time, we managed to get the best out of it in different weather conditions and types of roads.

Continue reading to find out what we learned about this Schwinn trike. We’ll discuss its features, specifications, as well as pros and cons since that below can help you figure out if this is the right tricycle for 

Features and Specifications:

Schwinn is among the best brands to choose for both bicycles and tricycles. It’s been around for ages, coming out with reliable vehicles suitable for all kinds of styles, terrain, and age group. 

Much like all its tricycles, the Meridian is durable and fun to ride. Right on your first ride, you’ll probably be able to feel the attention to detail that the manufacturer has put into it. 

This is a cruiser, so it performs the best in stable weather and on flat road surfaces. Though its frame and all the features are of top quality, the more you stick to flat concrete tracks, the longer it will last.

It comes as a 24- or 26-inch trike, and there are also several colors to choose from. The four colors are silver, black, white and blue, none of which is too bright or particularly eye-catching. Another thing you should remember is that this is a low frame made of aluminum. 

It’s not the lightest, which is another thing to keep in mind. It weighs about 73 pounds in total, so carrying it into a train or a bus might be tricky for some people.

Still, it’s built in a way to allow easy access which is especially important for senior adults. On top of that, the third wheel, and the added weight enhance its stability offering more security. 

The trike features a foldable rear basket for some more convenience. You can carry all kind of things in there which is especially suitable for picnics, cruising with pets and impulse purchases. The entire trike can hold 300 pounds in total which allows you to use the basket for different things.

This one features full-wrap fenders along with a Springer seat and swept-back handlebars. These details enhance its overall performance and comfort you feel when riding for an extended period. Plus, the handlebars are adjustable allowing you to customize them from 37 to 40 inches in height.

The saddle is suitable for most people, but some find it a bit too stiff at times. Luckily, its frame is compatible with different replacement parts that are quite easy to find. This gives you the option to customize the trike to match your preferences and needs.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a single-speed trike. It’s not too fast, but it’s also not overly slow, so you’ll enjoy using it in different situations. It might not be the best for going to work or other places where you have to be on time, but it’s ideal for cruising and recreation.

With the 24-inches alloy wheels, you probably won’t have issues getting on and off the trike. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance, much like most traditional bikes of such quality.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it requires full assembly. The process doesn’t take much time or skills, but some experience would help. If you don’t consider yourself skilled enough, you should take it to the nearest bike shop. People skilled in following instructions and putting things together, will know how to put it together in no time.

Though it’s efficient, convenient and comfortable, you might want to tweak a few things after some time. Things like the saddle and handlebars will probably need replacing after some time of use since they show signs of wear relatively quickly.

Overall, it’s a reliable trike that offers plenty of support and stability. It makes riding simple and hassle-free even if you don’t have any previous experience with it. Thanks to its construction and features, this one is ideal for adults and senior adults who are recovering from injuries or different conditions.

The Good

  • Sturdy frame
  • Reliable braking system
  • Foldable basket
  • Durable wheels and tires

The Bad

  • It weighs 73 pounds which could be heavy for some

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for a tricycle, you’ve probably come across several Schwinn models. The Meridian stands out for a few reasons which are quite noticeable the first time you take it to the streets. It’s worth all your attention due to its overall construction, stability, and performance as a whole.

Keep in mind that its frame comes in several sizes, so you should carefully consider which one would suit you the best. Also, its weight might be a problem if you plan to use public transportation at some point during your cruising. 

Still, you won’t regret opting for this one even if it seems a bit too heavy for you. The weight is maneuverable and well-balanced, so you’re more secure than on a traditional bike. You’ll definitely feel that way too.

If you’re indecisive, take another look at its pros and cons showing the ratio of advantages and drawbacks. Overall, this is a great vehicle that will make you enjoy your time outside more than ever before.

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