It doesn’t get much better than Schwinn when it comes to road bikes. Everyone’s has heard of them because Schwinn is a trustworthy and highly respected brand.

Their Volare 1300 is probably the most popular road bikes for beginners on the market today. Its construction, components, and overall durability are its best traits that all beginners should look for.

Check Price on Amazon ➤Having a reliable model is crucial for people who’ve never had a chance to ride a road bike. However, this is more than just a simple bicycle as it’s bold and dominant. It comes with plenty of attachments and quality components that make your rides easier and smoother than ever.

A road bike has to be durable and able to withstand rough terrain to some extent. So, you should really pay particular attention to the model you choose because even the slightest disadvantage can make your rides unpleasant.

It’s highly unlikely that you’d feel this way about the Volare 1300 because its features and specifications are suited primarily for enthusiastic beginners. Because it’s as versatile, it works for many different riders and is perfect to get into biking before you opt for a more professional bicycle.

If you’re a beginner searching for the best road bike take a moment to read the review below. We’ll discuss the details, specifications, and features that make the Volare 1300 as impressive.

Features and Specifications:

One of the most important things to mention is its weight. It weighs about 29 pounds, so it cuts through the air with ease and no resistance. The brand chose aluminum as a material for the frame which is what allowed such weight. You’ll be able to go from 14 to 17 mph and faster if going downhill.

Also, it comes partially assembled so you’d have to do the rest yourself. It requires some skill and tools, so it’s maybe a better idea to seek the help of a professional. You’d need wrenches, spanners, and grease for the assembly of the Volare 1300.

If you’re a complete beginner, it might be wiser to take it to a mechanic. They will adjust the gears, pedals, and brakes which are all essential for smooth performance. It’s nothing complicated, but if you lack the tools to do it, it’s recommended you have someone do it for you. Every mechanic will know what to do and will most probably do it in less than an hour. 

The first time you test it out, you’ll notice that the Schwinn has put a lot of effort into building a steady bike. They are known for excellent road bikes, so their Volare 1300 is no different. It’s well-known that Schwinn puts all bikes through RnD and performance testing is significant to ensure the bike stands up to the expected quality.

What many people like the best is that it’s steady. It’s crafted from aluminum, so it’s lightweight but durable to withstand different terrain and weather conditions.

It’s a 14-speed bike that has A050 Shimano shifters making the changing of gears smooth and effortless. The Shimano rear derailleur helps with the gear change even more while the alloy caliper brakes offer precise and secure stopping.

This one also features a kickstand that’s quite heavy-duty so it won’t break as easily as these usually do. The saddle is on an alloy seat, and it’s adjustable for more comfort and convenience. Plus, the handmade drop bar enhances comfort because it keeps you in the best body position. The durability of the construction is something we don’t often see in road bikes for beginners.

The only setback we were able to notice is the matter of the tires. This bicycle features 700c wheels and 28c road tires. It doesn’t have to be a problem, but it all depends on your riding style. Because these are high pressure, it’s a good idea to avoid potholes, gravel and anything else like that. More so, if you weigh more than 210 pounds, you might want to invest in new tires.

It’s not so bad though because the tires can handle most terrain all as long as you avoid large holes and sharp pieces of gravel. They are durable, but the high pressure is what makes them a bit tricky to work with. You can make them work if you’re not interested in replacing them, but be careful to avoid all the dangerous pieces on the road.

Overall, most people are happy with it as it performs well and is easy to use. All the components are carefully selected and thought through to deliver the best experience. However, because it’s a beginner’s bike, it takes a while to get used to it. Make sure to test it out to see for yourself just what this one is capable of.

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Smooth performance
  • Quick gear change
  • Lightweight frame

The Bad

  • The handlebars isn’t adjustable

The Verdict

Finally, we’re sure you now understand just why so many people love the Schwinn Volare 1300. It’s undoubtedly one of the best road bikes for beginners due to its simplicity and overall durability. Cyclists are mostly impressed with the smooth shifting and comfortable body position it allows.

It’s especially convenient for beginners because it’s so easy to use. Most people who’ve never had a chance to ride a road bike are usually scared of the weight of the frame. This isn’t the issue with the Volare 1300 because its frame is lightweight and easy to control. Still, it’s durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Make sure to consider this one if you’re on the hunt for a new road bicycle. Its attractive design will attract attention wherever you go, and you’ll receive many questions about its performance and quality. It’s a great beginner’s road bike to get before you opt for something more professional when you get more comfortable.

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