​If you’re looking for a bike for fitness purposes, fun and comfortable riding, the Voyager 2 may be the best option for you. Schwinn is one of the leading brands when it comes to hybrid bikes, all thanks to the quality of their products and performance they deliver.

Voyager 2 is much like the Voyager 1, with some slight differences to fit a more versatile type of bikers. Nonetheless, it features Schwinn’s quality, comfort and most of all, safety.

It’s a lightweight bike with an upright riding position and a bump-absorbing suspension seat. Its smooth shifting abilities and incredible stopping power make it suitable for both commuting and slightly rougher, downwards facing terrain.

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Since biking is one of the best things to go for when you want to add more activity into your daily routine, it’s essential to have a quality bike to follow your needs. If you’ve ever read any Schwinn hybrid bike reviews, you probably noticed the hype around their bikes. It’s no different with the Voyager 2, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of their most favorite bicycles.

I had the pleasure of riding the Voyager 2 to make sure of its quality and the outstanding performance. It delivered all that I’ve expected and some more. Continue reading to see what’s the most impressive part of this bike, the features, and specifications it brings to the table, as well as some pros and cons.

Features and specifications:

First and foremost, it’s crucial that we mention Schwinn’s framework featured in the Voyager 2. It’s a lightweight, aluminum frame that’s comfortable and helps with the entire experience. The frame features reach and fender mounts. Plus, another thing that adds to the control of the bike is the suspension fork. Voyager 2 features an SR Suntour M3010 suspension fork that allows you to control the bike comfortably and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Voyager’s components are all Shimano Tourney combined with SRAM mrx grip shift shifters and speeds. This means the most reliable shifting and an easy and quick speed up even in some rougher areas. It’s no secret that reliability and safety are the two most important things, mainly when speaking about hybrid bicycles.

If you’re a fan of long rides, you’re going to love this bike. Precisely, Schwinn made sure to feature everything they could to provide supreme comfort. One of the most important things to mention is the upright position you’re in at all times. This is crucial for your spine, especially if you’re enjoying extended rides very often. Plus, the Schwinn comfort elastomer saddle and the suspension seat post make those long hours even more enjoyable for you.

The grips of the bike are dual-density and also provide added comfort to your hands and wrists. This feature is especially useful on rough tracks and roads that have many bumps. This is useful regardless whether you’re only commuting or riding on off-track roads. If your previous bike didn’t have dual-density grips, you’re going to notice the difference the very first time you sit on Voyager 2.

The bike comes disassembled. For this reason, you’ll have to either assemble it yourself or have someone do it for you. My advice is to take it to your local bike shop and have professional assemble it for you. Also, Schwinn advises you to give it a try at assembling before you take it to a bike shop for a checkup. This way you can learn a lot about your bike and how it works if you’re interested in these kinds of things.

Overall, Voyager 2 delivers all the quality that you can also see in other Schwinn hybrid bikes. If you ever read any of the Schwinn bike reviews, or previously owned their bike, you probably know what I’m talking about. Schwinn is a great hybrid bike that provides ultimate experience regarding speed, stopping power, comfort, and maneuverability. Also, the bike is long-lasting and made of top quality components and great attention to detail.

It comes in two sizes to fit almost everyone. Plus, you can get it in two colors, red and silver. There are also other aspects of the versatility of this bike. Precisely, the fact that you can take on and off-road tracks with ease makes this bike one of the most popular Schwinn bikes. Its features and technical specifications combined help create an excellent experience for you every time you get on the Voyager 2.

The Good

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in two sizes and colors
  • Comfortable and suitable for long-hour rides
  • Great stopping power

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The Bad

  • You must have it professionally assembled

The Verdict

Its only setback is the fact that it doesn’t come assembled. But still, you should check up even the bikes that do, which means that this isn’t such a significant thing to worry about. All you should do is have professionals take care of that for you, just so you’re sure that everything is safe and spot on.

Other than that, the bike is ideal for many different types of bikers. It’s great for commuting and even for some off-road biking. If you’ve ever had a Schwinn bike before, you probably know the quality you can expect from this bike. However, add to that a bit more improvement on behalf of Schwinn, and you’ll have a clear image of what Voyager 2 is like even before you get to try it.

Just take a good look at its pros and cons, and you’ll understand why so many people chose the Voyager 2 as their favorite bike. Its best features are its speed and stopping power. Of course, let’s not forget the comfort we so widely covered. Schwinn Voyager 2 is a versatile bike that helps you become more active by making bike rides more enjoyable than ever. For this reason, Voyager 2 is a great choice for who don’t like traffic and wants to get everywhere as quickly as possible. The bike will get you wherever you want, providing comfortable and safe ride on and off the road.

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