Looking for the best mountain bike under 2000? If so, you’ve probably noticed how the choice isn’t so easy. Still, there are some impressive models, and one of them has to be the Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are a common thing on the market, but they can cost as much as $7000. Luckily, you don’t have to pay as much for a good bicycle. Many, like the Steppenwolf Tundra, cost less than 2000 and deliver just as impressive features and performance.

Steppenwolf has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They made many models that range in price and overall quality. It’s probably one of the most technically advanced brands that keeps evolving and growing with their new technologies.

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This German company is the right choice for cycling enthusiasts, beginners as well as advanced bikers. The Tundra is one of the best mountain bikes to get regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced cyclist. It’s a versatile piece that works on all kinds of surfaces and is easy to get used to.

Continue reading to learn all about this impressive bike as we discuss its features, specifications, pros, and cons as well as how it performs.

Features and Specifications:

People mostly choose this one for its durability. It’s something we all expect from mountain bikes since these have to perform on different terrain and take a certain beating. The Tundra has a durable frame and a fork that enhances its performance even more. We’re talking about a carbon composite frame combined with the RockShox SID RLT 100 mm remote fork.

Although it’s pretty robust, it’s also lightweight which makes it great for cross-country racing as well as marathons. Its steep angle and short rear section make it even more agile and efficient.

The wheels and tires are another two of its best features. These can handle different terrain and give even more diversity to the already impressive bike. The Schwalbe Rocket Ron 29×2.25 Evo tires work hand in hand with the DT Swiss X 1600 Spline wheels.

Still, the most interesting thing about this one is its drivetrain. The combination of these components is what completes the picture when it comes to the Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race. The SRAM X0 shifters, SRAM X0 175 mm crankset with 36/22t and SRAM X0 front and rear derailleurs work together to deliver the best performance you can get from a mountain bike at this price.

Plus, the SRAM PC1091/SRAM X0 chain and the SRAM PC1091/PG1070 10 speed cassette with 11-36t give it power. This means you can ride the bike on so many different roads and tracks. It handles rough terrain with ease; just as well you can cruise around the town on smoother surfaces.

If you’re an adventurist and seek fun when out biking, this might be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for a challenge, you should know that this one performs well on uphill tracks and dirt, so you’re able to take it to the woods or nearby park. It’s good exercise and lots of fun.

The brakes and cockpit on this one are reliable and made to last a long time. The Tundra features Avid X0 180/160 mm brakes for ultimate security and ability to stop at any point. These work very well in the city where the surfaces are smooth, as well as off-the-road, where the terrain is a bit rougher.

A few more things that will undoubtedly make your experience more comfortable are the FA SX Pro No. 55 tapered headset, SDG Circuit MTN saddle, FSA Afterburner seat post, and FSA Afterburner 90 mm stem. Steppenwolf is known for their eye for the detail, which you can clearly see from the components they’ve included in the Tundra. Even the smallest parts of it are carefully though through.

The manufacturer claims this one comes 99% assembled and ready to ride right out of the box. This means you’ll be able to test it right then and there when it arrives at your address. However, they do advise you check a few things before you take the bike outside. That 1% of assembly required is a way for the Steppenwolf to tell you to check all the bolts and tighten the screws when it arrives. This way, both you and the brand are protected from any potential accident.

Nonetheless, this makes things much easier since you won’t have to get it professionally assembled like many other bikes on the market. It saves you time as well as money, so it’s a nice plus.

The Tundra itself comes in several models apart from the Carbon Race we’ve talked about. The Race has 20 speeds, comes only in black, and three sizes to choose from. Size small is 16.5 inches, size medium is 18.5 inches, while the large frame measures 20 inches.

The Good

  • Comes assembled
  • Quality components
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

The Bad

  • Only one color

The Verdict

Although it often seems impossible to find the best mountain bikes under 2000, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. This reliable German brand has been making them for 20 years now, so it’s no surprise it’s as popular. The Tundra Race is probably one of the best mountain bikes for the price.

It delivers outstanding quality and smooth performance you can usually only find in high-end bikes. This one comes assembled which is something people always prefer. The combination of its components makes it highly suitable for all kinds of terrains, different cyclists and enthusiasts.

More so, if you find you don’t like its pedals or saddle, you can replace them. The frame is compatible with different parts, so you can customize the bike to your needs if you want to. Some people didn’t really like the saddle, so they’ve replaced it, and still had the superior performance from the frame, drivetrain and the brakes.Make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a new best mountain bike under 2000.

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