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What do you want in a 20-inch folding bike? Versatility? Check. Practicality? Check. An efficient price? Double check. You need look no further than Stowabike’s contribution to the folding bicycle market, the 20” Folding City V2. The pinnacle of achievement in folding bike engineering, this bicycle will get you easily on your way in any type of environment; be it the bustling streets of a busy city or the dirt roads of a rural farming town.

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This bike’s versatility is its number one selling point. It’s hard to live with a bicycle in the big city. Where do you put it? You can’t chain it outside, it’s likely to be stolen right out from under you. But real estate is at a premium and you can’t afford a place with any reasonable amount of storage space. The Stowabike aims to answer all those questions for you in one small package. It’s foldable into a package a fraction of its full size, allowing for storage anywhere: a small closet in a one-bedroom apartment, the trunk of your car, under your desk. And when you’re ready to use it, just quickly unfold it and you’ll be zipping between cars during rush hour in no time.

You wouldn’t believe what you’re getting in this inexpensive package, either. Your Stowabike is built with a Shimano derailleur, ensuring smooth gear-shifting for the ideal riding experience. The bike’s middle kickstand is perfectly placed for quick and easy balance and a simple dismount. Mudguards will protect you from puddles and spatter in wet weather. A built-in storage stand gives you a place to safely carry your bags with you while you ride, and the ergonomically designed handlebars are so comfortable you’ll feel like you aren’t holding anything at all.

Stowabike 20” Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike

I know what you’re thinking. “All this sounds great, but I’m a little taller or more solidly-built than the average biker. I’d sure love to see what this new folding bike craze is all about, but they’re just not built for me.

”WRONG. The Stowabike is here for you. With a sturdier and more durable frame than most folding bikes on the market, it can support the load of riders over six feet and around two-hundred and fifty pounds with industry-topping stability. V-brakes on both wheels guarantee a safe and quick deceleration, giving any rider full control over the bike. Not like one of those pesky robot bikes that controls the rider.


  • 20” steel folding frame
  • 20” steel fork
  • ​Microsoft 6-speed grip shifter
  • ​Shimano RD-TZ50 6-speed Rear Derailleur
  • 6 speed Freewheel
  • 20” single wall rims
  • Middle kickstand
  • 20” x 1.75” tires
  • YH-8X pedals with CPSC Reflectors
  • 3/32” X46T Steel Chainring, Steel Cranks CP, and Clear Single Chainguard
  • Steel V-Brakes
  • 560mm Lorise handlebar
  • Black rubber grips


Q: How much does it weigh?

A: 34 pounds

Q: What are the bike’s dimensions?

A: 60.2” x 25.6” x 35.8” unfolded, 34” x 9” x 23.2” folded

Q: Help! I can’t shit gears from #6. Does it only shift when the bike is in motion?

A: Yes, the pedals must be moving to shift gears with a derailleur system.

Q: I’ve seen some people say they have to remove the handlebars just to fold the bike. That sounds inconvenient, is it true?

A: Nope. The handlebars are meant to fold with the rest of the bicycle.

Q: Could I attach training wheels?

A: Yes, but they’d have to be removed to fold the bike.

Stowabike 20” Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike Review

Customer Consensus:

“It looks pretty sharp for the money. I have gotten plenty of comments on its look. First thing they ask me is how much it cost … then they can’t believe it.”

“Trying to think of a con but the only thing I can say is I had to put a little air in the tires.”

“I am 6’3”, rather husky at 240 lbs. While I’m sure I look ridiculous riding it, I find it very stable feeling. Feels as solid as a standard 20” BMX bike.”

“Great value for your money. I took it for a spin on hilly and flat terrain and had no problems. The gears shift smoothly and it rides well.”

“Incredibly easy to assemble … For this price, there isn’t a better value for a bike like this around.”

Stowabike 20 City Bike


  • Low price tag
  • Small, collapsible and easy to carry
  • Sturdy steel frame allows for steady ride and heavy loads
  • 6 gear system
  • Front and back wheel brakes
  • High quality materials
  • Kickstand and mudguard


  • Assembly required
  • Might have to put air in the tires
  • May need a bungee cord to hold it closed

Final Thoughts:

I’ve seen a lot of these folding bikes now, compared and contrasted, and I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with how well the Stowabike Folding City V2 Compact bike does against the competition. It’s one of the cheapest options for any bicycle, but at no point does it sacrifice quality to make that price. Able to support riders taller or heavier than average, this bike should appeal to a much wider audience. Absolutely no pun intended.

I’ve also not yet seen another folding bike that comes with a place, built-in, to carry your bags behind you. I’ve seen a few that are open to these kinds of modifications, but that just means spending extra money when the Stowabike includes them all. Looking at the list of cons, there’s really no reason not to choose this bike. Some assembly required? If you’re afraid of assembly, you’re not going to make it far in life. Tires might come low on air? So what? Did you think you’d never need to put air in your tires? Tires lose air, it’s how they work. This bike is a steal for what you get. Buy it now.

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