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Stowabike is an Australia-based folding bike company that offers a variety of affordable products for everyday individuals.

About Stowabike

Stowabike has brought portable and economical transportation to the folding bike market. With a variety of bikes in their lineup, which cater to different needs and terrains, Stowabike offers practical and functional bikes for anyone’s needs. These bikes can be used in the city for urban commutes, on bike trails, or even on hilly, mountainous terrains with the appropriate model.

A Bike for Every Need

The Stowabike brand stands out among the rest with its virtually limitless folding bike options. This brand offers small folding bikes made simply for street use, while it also offers loaded mountain bikes with various features. Not only does this company offer the typical pedal bikes, but they also make a reasonably priced electric folding bike as well.

​Affordable Options

Many high-quality bikes are expensive and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With multiple regular folding bicycles priced below 200 dollars, the Stowabike brand is accessible to a variety of people. At this lower price point, you not only get a good, functional bike with Stowabike, but you also get a compact and portable bike as well. Also, with the higher priced inventory, you can expect more features and capabilities at a fraction of the competitors’ costs.

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With decent price points and folding frames, Stowabike bicycles offer practicality and functionality. For commuters, these bikes are easy to store in the apartment, home, or office without taking up too much room. For adventurists and mountain bikers, these bikes allow you to travel or hike easily without the need for a bike hitch on the car. These bikes fold up to fit in the trunk of the vehicle and make it easier to just get up and go.

Stowabike’s 26-inch Folding Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This bike can be taken both on and off road. Weighing 36 pounds, it is a bit heavier than other folding bikes but remains durable and practical. With 18 speeds to offer, you can expect ease in climbing hills and speed on the flat pavements. Also, the 26-inch wheels on this bike make the ride smoother than most folding bikes, as you can cover more ground per rotation. In combination with the larger wheels, the suspension system on the bike absorbs shock up to 750 pounds in force, promoting a smooth and easy ride.

Stowabike 20 inch Folding City V2 Compact Bike

With a 20 inch frame, this bike is compact and ideal for city living. With a weight of 34 pounds and folding capabilities, the City Stowabike is easy to store in the apartment and carry onto the bus. Keeping city and urban living in mind, this bike also has onboard storage racks for groceries or bags as well. This bike is smaller than the traditional bike, from its frame to the smaller 20-inch wheels. Although this smaller size is not ideal for off-roading, it remains efficient in flat pavement cycling. Plus, the smaller size allows for an even smaller storage size.

Cyclematic Foldaway Electric Bike

Made for city dwellers, the Cyclematic Electric Folding bike operates well on paved surfaces. This bike can switch between utilizing the electrically powered motor and simply pedaling when needed. Reaching an upward speed of 15 miles per hour, this bike can run for almost 30 miles with its 250-watt motor. Lightweight for a motorized bike, but heavy for a folding bike, the Cyclematic weighs just over 50 pounds.

Final Words

Stowabike offers a folding bike for any need. With various price points, this company offers quality products regardless of class and cost.

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