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So, you’re looking for the best electric bike under 1000? We know the search can become overwhelming quite quickly, so we’re here to help. The Tomasar Power Cyclocross bike is an innovative model by a trustworthy company, which makes it worth all the attention.

If you’ve been looking for a new E-bike for a while, you probably already realize how things on the market are. The most popular bikes are usually packed with more features than you’d ever need on top of being quite pricey, too. 

More so, if you don’t have any experience in buying electric bikes you shouldn’t do it without proper research. To save you the time, we searched on your behalf and found what it seems like one of the best electric bikes under 1000. The Tomasar bike is a classic, easy to use and recommended by so many commuters.

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If you’re tired of your old bike, it’s time to invest in an electric one. The Tomasar is an excellent way to change your daily ride to work/school because it’s not tiring but helpful. It’s ideal for seniors or just about anybody who rides long distances. 

Continue reading to find out all about the bike and why it’s as popular. We’ll discuss its specifications, features as well as pros and cons. 

Tomasar Power Electric Bike Features and Specs:

The E-bike comes with a 36V/8Ah lithium battery that helps with the maximum speed and distance. It goes about 15.5 miles when used as an electric bike. When you use pedal assist, the bike can go about 31 miles.

It comes with a smart battery charger for super fast charging. It takes it about 4to 6 hours to fully charge the battery so you can enjoy riding in long distance. Because the bike features a pedal assist, you can save some of the battery life depending on the length and speed you’re at. Interestingly, the manufacturer sells spare batteries, too, so you can bring an extra one if you’re riding somewhere really far. 

One of the most favorite specifications is the foldable design of the bike. Precisely, we can easily say that this is an electric mountain bike since it can endure rougher terrain. Being that it’s made of aluminum, the bike is pretty lightweight while still firm. 

The fact that it’s foldable adds to its convenience. You can pack it up and bring inside, so there’s no chance of anyone stealing your bike. Of course, it’s also much easier to store and even pack in the back of your car and bring to trips.

It features mechanical front and rear disc brakes. These have proven to be the best for electric bikes for their effectiveness and ease of use. Undoubtedly, both brakes are equally as important which is why it’s good that both are mechanical.

The bike features a 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system. The choice of 21 speeds is ideal for people who live in mountain areas. If there are hills where you live, you’ll appreciate its climbing ability.

Its wheels are the 26’’ bead spoke wheels. The wheels are made of aluminum alloy and feature anti-slip wear resistant tires that are thick and long-lasting. The combination of wheels and tires allow you to ride in the rain, snow and mountain tracks with ease. 

We’ve already mentioned pedal assist as a part of its two working modes. The bike features an electric mode that helps you save energy and enjoy long-distance rides without being tired afterward. The assisted mode is excellent for longer trips where you want to save battery life. Luckily, the two modes can be shifted to whenever you like by just pressing the M key.

The bike comes with a horn and a LED headlamp that’s ideal for nighttime riding.Though it’s foldable, it’s crucial we also discuss its overall weight. The fact that it weights about 44 lbs is a setback according to many people. Surely, you have to consider the materials it’s made of as well as the weight of the battery that adds about 5 lbs to the overall weight.

Another thing to mention is the cyclocross in its name. Technically, this isn’t a setback, but it’s still something people often discuss when it comes to this E-bike. Many of its customers feel it wasn’t a good idea to call it a cyclocross since it’s more a mountain bike. Most people are saying to take this with a grain of salt. 

However, the mountain bike has a load capacity of 330 lbs. Many people say that it can handle more than that, but we wouldn’t advise you go against the guidelines. Its maximum speed is about 14-15 mph per hour with an overall mileage of 21 to 43 miles.

The Good

  • Features two working modes
  • 21-speed Shimano gear
  • Mechanical front and rear brakes
  • Foldable design

The Bad

  • It’s somewhat heavy
  • More a mountain than a Cyclocross bike

The Verdict

If you’ve read the entire review, we’re sure the search is over for you. This is an outstanding model that performs well thanks to its quality specifications and features. It’s not just any electric bike, but a mountain bike.

As you probably noticed, many commuters opted for this one, and for a reason. Just a quick look at its pros and cons ratio explains its popularity. 

One of the most favorite things about the model is not its affordability, although it’s a nice touch, the detail put into its features and specifications. Its battery life is pretty solid, and there are 21 speeds to choose from. This alone should make you consider the Tomasar. 

We like to say it’s all a matter of preference, as it’s the case here, too. However, once you read all the information we have on the Tomasar, you can see why it fits so many different people. It’s a versatile model that’s adjustable, easy to use, durable and reliable. 

If you’re on a hunt for the best electric bike under 1000, this is the one you should try.

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