Every mountain biker has a favorite trail and town that these trails are in. We’ve made a list of the most popular trails, places where you can make biker friends and have a break after a fulfilled day on the track. Most of the time, local bikers appreciate fellow riders showing interest in their town and trail. For this reason, they’ll tell you all secrets the town has to offer. Here are some of most favorite mountain bike towns in America. Continue reading to learn why they’re so loved.

Moab, UtahMoab

has both old and new trails. There are some old school favorites as well as new tracks. The best thing is that you can choose between sandy and rocky terrain. However, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy red rocks and blue skies around you.Moab is a small town that has no more than 6000 people. However, the town has a lot of shops that are especially for mountain bikers. Plan on having more than just one day to spend in town because it has two National Parks and one large State Park.

Crested Butte, Colorado

This little mountain town is known for being one of the birthplaces of the mountain biking. Crested Butte was the only stop in the USA for the Enduro World Series. Also, Crested Butte hosts Fat Tire Bike Week each year; that’s the oldest mountain biking festival in the USA. In this town, you can find hundreds of routes that offer many changes to bikers. Riders from all around the world love Crested Butte and consider it a special place. This town is all you need for mountain biking. You’ll find many stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes to enjoy after riding. Of course, locals are polite, friendly and always looking to make new friends who are interested in mountain biking. Apart from welcoming locals, you’ll enjoy trails and breathtaking nature.

Brevard, North Carolina

If you enjoy mounting biking, you definitely must visit this place near Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race and The Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race bring almost 2500 bikers together. Make sure to have a taste of the single downhill tracks that Brevard offers. What’s cool is that you can experience many other amazing things such as fishing, rock climbing, camping, and hiking. Beautiful nature of Brevard allows many great outdoor activities.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you’re a serious rider, you must visit Santa Fe. These beautiful desert tracks offer one of the best landscapes to ride across. Luckily, Santa Fe offers so many things to see and do after you finish riding for the day. This town is one of America’s most famous cultural towns with many festivals taking place all year long. Its most popular trail is La Tierra Torture race course, and the most popular route is Galiesteo Preserve.

Regardless of which of these towns you choose, you can be sure you’ll have fun. Locals are friendly, and tracks are enjoyable and challenging. Next time you’re looking for a new adventure make sure to visit one of these mountain bike towns.

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