If you’re looking for comfort, reliability, and convenience, you should consider getting a trike. Tricycles are primarily designed to replace bicycles for people who can’t maneuver the two-wheeler for whatever reason.

Today, there’s a wide variety of different tricycles that are suitable for different people and a range of road surfaces. You can choose based on your physical abilities, needs, style, and other preferences. Still, if you’re looking for a classic trike with all the most essential features, you should consider the Tri-Rad Unisex Folding tricycle.

It features what’s one of the simplest designs along with several features that enhance its performance, versatility, convenience, and safety. For this reason, this is one of the best tricycles on the market

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Mantis is among the most popular brands with the Tri-Rad being its best-selling product. It’s a reliable brand that’s been in the industry for ages which is why most people opt for it even today.

While Tri-Rad comes with several specifications and features, its best advantage is the overall ease of use. This is such a simple trike that will help you enjoy everyday cruising and riding around the block. It’s also ideal for exercise and recreation for adults and seniors who are recovering from injuries. 

Continue reading to learn what makes the Tri-Rad so unique and popular. In the text below, you’ll find some of the most important information about its features and the way it performs. 

Features and Specifications:

One of its crucial advantages is its frame and how it was designed. This is a foldable trike, and it offers more convenience and easier use than most other models on the market. First and foremost, it’s ideal for everyone who struggles with storage or transport.

Since you can fold the frame, you can easily carry it upstairs or to your car if you have to transport it somewhere. This makes it excellent for bringing along on different trips or into public transportation. 

Once it’s folded, it measures 35x30x31 in total. The frame is made of steel and fits everyone from the age of twelve and up depending on your height. It’s durable, resistant and able to withstand different weather.

It comes with aluminum rims and 20×1.75-inch white wall Kenda tires. The combination allows smooth rides, but it can only handle flat pavement. In most cases, bumpy and rough roads will damage the tires or wheels depending on how heavy you are and how rough the road is. For this reason, we suggest you stick to concrete and other flat road surfaces.

This is a single-speed trike, so don’t expect it to go too fast. This means it’s probably not the best choice for going to work, school or anywhere you might have to hurry. On the hand, it’s ideal for light cruising around town or in parks. You can use it for shopping, running errands, and pretty much anything else that doesn’t require more than a single speed.

Its steel suspension fork and one piece crank enhance the stability and durability of the entire vehicle. It helps the overall performance and smoothness of rides. In the front, the Tri-Rad features alloy linear pull brake along with a parking brake for some added convenience and ease of use.

Another thing worth noting is the adjustable steel stem allowing you to share the trike with other people. It also has a large and comfortable saddle that’s perfect for riding long-distance. The seat and handlebars match in color and are replaceable which is great if they ever wear out.

There are a few other details that complete the overall picture. The tricycle comes with a front fender keeping you dry when you ride in wet conditions. Keep in the mind though that it doesn’t have any rear fenders so make sure to avoid puddles as much as you can.

It comes with a chain guard to protect your pants from getting stained. On top of that, it features a basket at the back for whatever things you’re carrying. It’s large and ideal for picnics, pets, and shopping bags. Also, the trike features a classic bell you’ve probably already seen on other bikes and trikes. It’s a detail that people often overlook though it can help in certain situations.

If you opt for 24-inch size, you’ll also get a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain. Choosing between a six-speed and a single-speed tricycle is relatively easy. Think about whether you need the added convenience and versatility of the six speeds. It might be a bit more suitable for the entire family, but the choice is up to you.

Keep in mind that it weighs about 45 pounds. It’s definitely not the heaviest on the market, but it’s not the lightest either, so make sure to consider whether you’d mind the weight. You probably won’t be able to feel it when you’re riding, but it makes it a bit harder to carry or transport.

The Good

  • Available as single-speed or six-speed trike
  • Large saddle
  • Comes with a bell and a rear basket

The Bad

  • No rear fenders

The Verdict

At this point, you probably understand the reasons behind the popularity of the Tri-Rad Unisex Tricycle. It’s one of the most comfortable vehicles in its price range that comes with all the most important features. It’s foldable, easy to use and you can choose between a six-speed and a single-speed model.

Make sure to consider which of the two gearsets would work the best for your needs. Also, since it comes unassembled, you’ll have to put the pieces together by yourself. Either that or you can take it to the nearest bike shop where professionals will handle it quickly and easily.

This is a unique tricycle that comes with everything you’ll need to enjoy smooth rides around town. It’s stable and features a reliable braking system for safety and ease of maneuverability through traffic.

If you’re indecisive, just take another quick look at the list of its pros and cons. There are far more pros than cons which makes the Tri-Rad one of the best options on the market.

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