Making a commute to work or getting around in a highly urban setting can be a real chore. Not many people have the ability to sit in traffic or ride on crowded means of mass transportation without getting stressed. These scenarios have sparked a new way of commuting that is done using easy to store lightweight folding bicycles. They are changing the way people get around in a city environment.

Among the better lightweight folding bicycles, you can buy the unYOUsual U arc 20-Inch Folding Bike from IDS.Why is a lightweight folding bike a good choice for commuting in an urban setting? There is no sitting in traffic jams, you don’t have to worry about filling up with gas, and they can go anyplace that you want to go because they store easily.

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Specifications and Features:

There are a few things that stood out to us with this bike. We liked the way it shifts gears to adjust to the slope you are riding on. It features a Shimano 6 speed shifting system that is very seamless when going between gears. This is nice because it does not wear the chain or gears down over time. It only takes a slight effort with your hand to change speeds too.

We all liked the wheels that come with this bike also. They seemed to be heavier duty wheels that could handle different flat terrain conditions. The wheels that come with this bike are made by the reputable bike wheel manufacturer Wanda. They are 20-inch rubber wheels that are a sturdy 1.75 inches wide and tend to be puncture resistant.

The metal alloy handle bar it comes with is also very good. It is a t-type handlebar that is 22 inches wide and is slightly adjustable in height. It can be removed or folded when you are storing this bicycle too. It is just one of the many components on this bike that are adjustable so you can fit them to a position you are comfortable in when riding this bike.

This urban folding bike is built using many quality parts

​Adjustability and the fact that it stores easily are not the only advantages this folding bike give you either. Take a little closer look at how well constructed this line of light folding bicycles are. They all include:

  • 20″ X 1.75″ Wanda puncture resistant rubber tires
  • Steel TIG welded frame
  • 6 speed Shimano precision gearing
  • Fast folding design
  • Front and rear V-braking system
  • Rims are made of high strength steel alloy with stainless steel spokes
  • Foldable pedals with built in safety reflectors
  • Adjustable t-type handle bar
  • rear mounted kickstand

Although many people choose to use this bike for commuting to work and school in a city setting it certainly can be used for much more than that. It is great for exercising, sightseeing and running quick errands too. Crowded urban streets no longer have to be a challenge for you to navigate if you own this handy lightweight folding bike.

unYOUsual U arc 20″ Foldable Bicycle 6 Speed Shimano

Folding Mechanism 

Storage is no problem with this model lightweight folding bike. Many people in urban settings own bicycles to get around with, but they have trouble finding bike racks to place them in while they are working, shopping or doing other things. With the unYOUsual U arc 20-Inch Folding Bike that is never a problem because you simply fold it up and take it with you. Once folded it stores easily in a room, closet or any other place that is out of the way.

Because of the way it is designed it can quickly be folded down to a small and manageable carrying size. This is done simply by activating a few quick connect levers built right into the main frame of the bike itself. The first few times you fold and unfold it will take some time to do it. Once you have done this a few times, it will then take you just a few minutes to get the bike set up or back in a folded position.

When the bike arrives, there is just a little assembly before it is ready to use. Once that is done all you ever need to do to it is fold and unfold it. This bike has a folding design that impressed us as much as any folding bike we have reviewed.

There truly is much to like about this model folding bike, but there are some concerns we had with it too. Take a look:

The Good

  • In less than a minute, it can be folded up for storage
  • Helps you avoid sitting in traffic or waiting for mass transit
  • It features top-notch shifting and braking systems
  • Made of sturdy and light aluminum alloy

unYOUsual U arc 20″ Foldable Bike 6 Speed Shimano

The Bad

  • Seat is in an awkward position after folding if not lowered first
  • Some assembly required before using it

The Verdict

This bike appears to look a little strange when you first see it set up. It is somewhat of a cross between a mountain bike and a young adult’s bike. But don’t let that fool you as to how well it rides when you are on it. Those who have tried more than one folding bike say it is among the smoothest they have ever ridden.

The looks of this bicycle are done up nicely too. Its main coat of paint has a semi-gloss black finish to it that is nicely accented by luminescent green striping. This is further accented by the flat black and chrome parts that are found throughout this model bike. It looks much better than what people give it credit for.

Lightweight folding bicycles have not only changed the way people commute but also changed the ease in which they do it. This unYOUsual U arc 20-Inch Folding Bike is one of the best ones we have come across. It is one that is certainly worth considering when you are shopping for a new folding bicycle to navigate through your local urban area with.

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