VEVOR Folding Mountain Bike 6 7 Speed Mountain Bike 26 Inch

If you are someone that loves to go mountain biking, but it’s a chore getting to the trails, then you need a solution that will make the whole experience that much more enjoyable for you. Trail riding should be fun and take away stress, not add to the stress you already have. Well, there is a solution as far as easily getting to the places you like to ride. That is where having this bike really comes in handy. One of the best folding mountain bicycles you can buy is the Vevor 26” Mountain bike.

You will be surprised at how convenient this bike is to fold and move and also how fun it is to ride. We were pleasantly surprised by it as we reviewed all that it has to offer. If you read a little bit more about it, we think it will pleasantly surprise you too. So let’s take a closer look at this fine mountain bike from Vevor.

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Specifications and Features:

Most people that have purchased this model mountain bike describe it as being extremely solidly built. When that is the case, you can also expect that to add some carrying weight to the bike. That is certainly the case with this mountain bike from Vevor but that is an acceptable trade-off to help make it last you well into the future.

This bike has a highly adjustable seat height too. The seat height can be adjusted anywhere from 35” to 42”. That means it can easily be adjusted for use by young riders or for adults that have longer than average leg size. It can also hold the weight of even heavier riders too, carrying riders up to 275 pounds.

This is a stylish mountain bike too that comes in one of two shifting configurations. It can be purchased as either a 6 or 7-speed shifting model. It has a sleek looking black finish on it, a nicely padded decorative seat and is also fully trimmed out with plastic mud fenders and reflectors.Take a closer look at what is included in the construction of this mountain bike model:

  • ​26-inch sturdy rubber trail tires that are almost 2 inches wide
  • Heavy duty polished aluminum frame and steel folding forks
  • 6 or 7 speed Shimano precision shifting
  • Both wheel hand braking system
  • Wheels are made of corrosion resistant anodized metal alloy
  • Foldable pedals with safety reflectors
  • 22-inch quick release handlebar
  • Rear wheel mounted kickstand

This bike is not limited to just trail riding either. It is also comfortable and designed well enough to be used on pavement, grass and other types of surfaces. That means you can just as easily use it to ride around the block as you can to try and conquer the toughest mountain trails.

VEVOR Foldable Mountain Bicycle 6/7 Speed

Folding Mechanism 

It’s a super easy mountain bike to transport

Hooking a trailer up to your vehicle or car ban be a bit of a nuisance and potentially cause some damage to your vehicle too. There are no such worries with this handy folding mountain bike. It will take up np more room in your truck or back seat than that of a medium sized suitcase. It is the ultimate when it comes to easily portable mountain bikes.

This mountain bike is built using three flexible joints in its construction and also has some totally removable parts such as the handle bars. It does take a little getting used to as far as folding it is concerned. Once you get the hang of it though you will be folding it in less than a few minutes without a problem. It really is that simple to get in its most compact form.

Many buyers are so satisfied with the size of it once folded that they never even bother to take it out of their trunk. That way they always have their mountain bike with them if they feel like going for an impromptu ride.

As we always do, we like to point out both the good and bad things about the products we review. This bike certainly has a lot to offer, but we had a few concerns with it too.

The Good

  • It quickly folds up into the size of a medium suitcase
  • It’s a good looking mountain bike once its set up
  • It has a good shifting and brake system
  • Heavy duty suspension frame combined with 6 or 7 speed Shimano gearing

VEVOR Foldable Mountain Bike 6/7 Speed

The Bad

  • A little heavy and bulky to move
  • Tough to initially assemble yourself

The Verdict

One thing we really liked about this very well built mountain bike is its affordable price point. It has many features that you would only expect to find on a mountain bike that costs much more than this model. It does not cost much more than it would to put a fancy rack system on top of your vehicle.

This bike is fully adjustable and comes complete with a main body shock absorber. Throw in a nicely padded seat and some free moving foot pedals, and that makes this mountain bike very comfortable to ride.

If you are in the market for a mountain bike than this model most certainly bears some consideration. It is durable, performs well, and the price is right. This model mountain bike folds up and can easily be stowed in the trunk or back seat of even the smallest cars. That makes this mountain bike super convenient to load and use when the trails you love to ride on are not very close to your home.

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