This hybrid bike is perfect for those that are looking for a great entry level or fitness road bike. With 24 slick gears to choose from, you’ll be able to reach your destination in no time.

Vilano bike is fresh to the scene, having created high-quality bikes since 2007. Brian Money is the key man for this operation, bringing a marriage of design and performance to each and every bike they craft.

The Vilano diverse 3.0 performance hybrid was designed with one idea in mind. To produce a bike that will help its owner commute to work fast, whilst still being usable for the weekend with family and friends.

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vilano diverse 3.0 Features and Specifications:

The frame and forks are forged out of an aluminum poly, that combines the lightness of aluminum with the hardness of silicon and the toughness of magnesium. The result is a super light frame that will take 1000’s of miles of action, without buckling to the owners’ demands.

The frame itself stands tall, with an almost horizontal bar, stemming from the seat to the handlebars. This is characteristic of a true road bike, designed for maximum comfort on long commutes.Also affixed to the frame is the standard nuts, that allow for the likes of water bottles and pumps to be attached too. Unfortunately, this model does not come with any of these attachments included within its price.

The handlebars are flat by design, with Shimano gear shifters and disk brake levers attached to them. The design of the handlebars themselves also hints at this bikes hybrid origin, you see a true road bike would have smaller road bars in the style of the ram horns. This is to place it’s user in the upright, leaned over position so that maximum speed can be reached with ease.

Instead, Vilano has carefully crafted their bars for comfort, allowing the user to choose whether they want to sit back and take it easy or stand up and lean forward and pedal with all their force.

Vilano lends from the Japanese Shimano their unbeatable gear shifters, a very common component shared by many road bikes. Undoubtedly, Shimano has been chosen due to their reliability.

A common problem with road bikes is the cable becomes too slack after use, resulting in gears not performing to their optimum level. Usually, this requires a trip to cycle shop, but Shimano makes this a quick and simple adjustment with one Allen key and some pliers.

​The brakes you find yourself with are Vilanos own disc brakes, whilst good they are nowhere near the level of good as hydraulic disc brakes. But then again, to own a pair of hydraulic disc brakes would cost the same price as ⅔ of this bike!

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bicycle

On first use, we did find their brakes to be sharp and bring you to a stop, even in wetter conditions. However, over time as the cable become slack and the break stones became coarse it was noticeable that there would be some maintenance required to keep your brakes in their peak condition.

It should also be noted that if you’re still a fan of the old style V brakes, Vilano has left space on the frame for you to swap out your disc brakes for V brakes. You may consider this if your disc brakes begin making noise, as your bike get’s wet (typical with most bikes), or for the ease of maintenance. Other than that it’s nice to see that they have given us this option.

The tires themselves are from a company called Kenda, who are well known for their heavy duty tires. They produce the likes of tires for tractors, power sports and motorbikes. Within the bike domain, they’re more known for their downhill mountain bike tires, with thick rubber grips to ward off thorns and to latch onto any surface.

Within the Vilano they’ve used a very minimalistic tire, that uses an inward grip design to power you across the road. It should be noted this design does make it difficult to ride across the likes of grass and mud. Favoring concrete, tarmac, and pavements, and this is again expressed in the small width of the tire.

The last important thing to discuss is the crankset and pedals. Vilano has included a 3 piece crank set which is easy to maintain. The first thing that tends to break on a bike is the crankset. Now, this happens because the inner grooves of the crank are worn away by the bikes inner grips.

As each pedal, accompanied with the elements of dirt and water, force the two components against each other, the cranks begin to wear away, revealing a ‘bald’ grip. This eventually results in the cranks slipping off.However because the cranks are easy to take off, this makes them easy t maintain and clean. Allowing you to extend the life of your cranks, much more than conventional ones.

The pedals themselves take on more of a road bike appearance, being smaller, made out of plastic and with fewer spikes. This also makes it very light to push down with the ball of your foot and less likely to scratch cars, as you whizz in between them. We would suggest that you look at swapping your pedals at some point to clip pedals. That is because clip pedals make it easier and more enjoyable to ride long distances i.e. to work.

The Good

  • Frame material is very light and strong
  • Flat handlebars allow you to use your bike for both on-road and off-road activities
  • Uses Shimano gears which are incredibly reliable
  • Kenda tires are great for this hybrid model

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

The Bad

  • Brakes could be better

The Verdict

Being fresh to the water Vilano have produced an excellent entry level road/fitness bike.We would have to contend that this bike is more road bike than mountain bike though, so if you’re looking to take this on some trails we’d ask you to think again!

If you’re looking for a bike that will get you to work and back and still be useable on the weekend, we would highly recommend you invest into a Vilano bike.

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