The Vilano Urbana is probably one of the best folding bikes under $500. It’s foldable, single-speed and lightweight. These specifications, combined with a few more, make the Vilano Urbana one of the best choices for commuters.

It’s a simple bike that features only what you’ll need as a commuter. If you’re only using your bike to go to work or school, this is an ideal model for you. Its single speed and powerful brakes make it suitable for all kinds of traffic in urban, flat areas.

I always recommend folding bikes to people who also use public transportation on their way to work, and people who struggle with storage space. If you live in an apartment, leaving your bike in the hall isn’t always the best idea. The Vilano Urbana folds quickly and conveniently so you can bring it inside your apartment and not worry that someone will steal it.

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There are a couple features worth mentioning when it comes to this bike. I’m sure you can tell much about it by just looking at it. Its design attracts attention, but it works for you in many other ways, too.

If you’re searching for an affordable bike that’s easy to use, convenient, fast and lightweight, this is the right model for you. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you continue reading. We’ll discuss all about this bike, its specifications, features and overall performance.

Specifications and Features:

The Vilano Urbana comes in grey, matte black and white colors to choose from. The frame is made of aluminum and weighs only 21.5lbs. Its weight is one of the main reasons most people opt for this bike. Because the bike is foldable, it must weigh as little as possible, so you’re able to carry it around when needed. Imagine having to fold the bike and take it upstairs or into public transportation. That wouldn’t be possible if the bike weren’t as lightweight.

However, the weight also has a lot to do with how the bike performs. It’s fast, and that’s because it’s very lightweight. When you’re commuting around town and riding in flat areas, its weight helps you maintain the speed. As I’ve mentioned, its frame is made of aluminum one of the lighter metals.

Many consider its overall design quite minimalist as it doesn’t feature any cables, V-brakes or shifters. However, the bike has coaster brakes so you can stop it by just backpedaling, which is quite convenient. If you’ve never used coaster brakes, don’t worry. They’re easy to get used to, and you’ll quickly grow to like them. Many people find this bike less bulky than many foldable bikes so you’ll have less trouble carrying around. The bike measures 32’’ x 25’’ x 12’’ when it’s folded. Also, its wheels are 20’’ in size and the handle post is adjustable.

Regarding the vilano urbana performance, you can expect all you would from one of the best folding bikes under $500. It’s similar to many other models on the market, with weight being the only difference perhaps. It’s comfortable to use on the paved road and other flat areas which makes it the best for commuting and simple riding around town. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t climb any hills with this bike, and you probably wouldn’t be able to even if you wanted. In most cases, you’d have to get off the bike.

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However, it’s important to mention that the vilano urbana , in particular, performs quite well and is made to last a long time. Even though it’s made of aluminum that’s not the most quality material, the bike itself handles that very well. If you use it accordingly to go to work and back or drive around town, you’ll have this bike for many years.

Its best feature, in many people’s opinions, it’s the fact that you can fold it. Foldable bikes are convenient in many ways. However, some foldable bikes are still difficult to manage if folding it is tricky. The Vilano Urbana single speed folding bike is easy to use and even easier to fold into a convenient shape. This will allow you to save time as well as storage space. Allowing you to take it inside school, office or public transportation, this folding bike will make things much easier for you.

Make sure to check your bike before you decide to ride it for the first time. Some components, such as the handlebar, might not be tightened enough and could be slightly wobbling. This mainly happens because of shipping and due to some of its parts having a bit cheaper feel. For this reason, I suggest you check for any loose parts, or even better, have the bike checked by professionals at your local bike shop.

As many people have confirmed, there are many benefits to the Vilano Urbana. It’s a convenient, affordable and a durable bike. Still, take a look at its pros and cons below and make the judgment yourself.

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and compact

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The Bad

  • You must have it checked prior to use

The Verdict

In my opinion, the vilano urbana performs well with what’s made of. Its aluminum frame may not be the most quality product, but it will show quite nicely if you use the bike correctly. This means not to force it to rough terrain or uphill.

The best thing about it is that it’s affordable and easily one of the best folding bikes under $500. Also, the fact that it’s foldable makes everything much easier. It’s especially convenient for people who often use public transportation or lack storage space of their bike. As I said, you’ll find this feature useful in many different situations, even if you don’t think so at this moment.

Many people recommend this bike as one of the best models on the market. It’s easy to work with, convenient and won’t damage your budget while making simple commuting much easier for many people.

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