Riding a bike every day can be tiring at times. If you’re a commuter who travels a certain distance every day to work or school, you might want to consider other options.

While biking has many benefits, you should think about switching to an e-bike. Folding e-bikes are nothing new to the market, but they’re only now growing more and more popular. 

The technologies have evolved to deliver more relaxed and comfortable use. If that’s precisely what you’re looking for, you might want to look into the W Wallke folding aluminum electric bike.

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It’s one of the best Folding electric bicycles on the market thanks to its many features and impressive specifications. While it’s made for adults, it’s quite small in size, so it’s compact and simple to store especially once it’s folded. 

W Wallke is a quality bike that makes quite a difference to your daily commuting. It makes the experience more comfortable, but also far more fun than ever. 

We had some time to test the bicycle in order to see how it performs. During this time, we’ve tested its features and specs which you can learn all about below. The information below can help you figure out if this is the right option for your needs and preferences. 

Features and Specifications:

This is a battery-operated vehicle, so it’s only reasonable that you pay extra attention to that particular component. What runs the bike, in this case, is the Samsung 48V 10.4h lithium battery. It takes about four to five hours to fully charge offering a cruising range of 25 to 30 miles.

The battery is reliable, easy to charge, and covered by a 6-month warranty from the manufacturer. It’s a built-in model that’s detachable and allows for removable charging. You also get a 48V smart charger in the package. 

The bicycle comes with a 750W brushless motor that has three riding modes. The first one is Pure electric driving, the other is Pedal Boost mode, and the third is No Power mode. The third one allows you to completely turn off the motor and use the vehicle as you would a regular bike. Its top speed is 30 miles per hour.

It features a 6061 all-aluminum frame that’s durable, reliable and somewhat heavy. The added weight is mostly due to the hardness of the structure, but also a result of fat tires and an electric motor. For some added convenience, it features a phone holder allowing you to read maps while riding.

The frame is still quite easy to fold and unfold. Its weight doesn’t affect the performance at all, while it might limit the portability once it’s folded. It folds into a compact size, but carrying it around might not be as simple.

Nonetheless, its durability is unmatched. It comes with 4.0 fat tires and 48V aluminum alloy wheels. This enhances its overall stability and balance while riding in different terrain. 

W Wallke electric bicycle comes with an LCD meter display. It shows mileage, driving time, and remaining power, which is always essential to know on a battery-operated vehicle. The three dashboard buttons are the electric gear switch, mileage and time check, and the LCD backlight. A long press of the first and third buttons switches between miles and kilometers.

This one doesn’t disappoint when it comes to safety either. It features double-disc hydraulic brake that’s often a more popular choice than mechanical brakes. This system is usually found on electric bikes as it’s not as prone to problems when you’re on muddy and rainy roads. 

The brakes are reliable and easy to use. They add to your overall security, allowing you to maneuver the vehicle in different traffic and weather conditions.

Another thing worth mentioning is the mechanical shock absorber that enhances overall comfort. It’s a small detail, but it means a lot in terms of reducing shock you might feel on bumpy roads.The Shimano transmission adds even more to the comfort and smoothness of rides regardless of the terrain you’re on. 

Another Shimano component is the 7-speed control bar. Such a choice makes the vehicle more fun than most on the market since e-bikes usually have three speeds. Shifting between the seven gears is easy to do, allowing you the versatility to adapt to every traffic situation. 

This isn’t your usual electric folding bike since it’s much more versatile. It offers more speeds as well as pedal assist, which is something you won’t find as easily. Having pedal assist might not seem as necessary, but it offers a specific dose of reliability in case you find yourself far from home and with a dead battery. 

The Good

  • Three modes, seven speeds
  • Great transmission
  • Easy to fold and unfold

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy

The Verdict

Having a quality folding electric bike is crucial if you want the experience to be comfortable and fun. While there are many models on the market, you want to stick to those that are reliable, durable, and effortless to use in different situations.

W Wallke is a folding bicycle that offers all that and then some. It has a durable and robust frame that’s easy to fold into a compact shape you can store away at your convenience. Also, the combination of its speeds, modes, and brakes gives a certain level of safety and versatility. 

This could be the right choice if you’re looking for a quality vehicle you can use every day. It’s comfortable and has a long-lasting battery that comes with a good warranty deal. Even if you’ve never had a similar bicycle, you’ll have no problem learning how to use and charge the battery.

The only issue you might have is with its weight. While it doesn’t disturb its riding performance, it might make the frame a bit tricky to travel with. You might not like to carry it around in public transportation or to vacations and holiday trips. 

Still, that’s a minor drawback to a long list of benefits the bike comes with. It’s worth your attention since it’s very well among the best folding electric bikes on the market.

The W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike offers a long cruising range and a top speed of 30 mph. Learn more about this great e-bike in our full review.

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