​Adult tricycles are growing more popular by the day. They’re an excellent alternative to bicycles for people who might not enjoy the traditional bike as much.

Still, many people consider tricycles a bit boring. While they’re ideal for senior adults and everyone recovering from some injuries, they can be a bit dull to everyone else.

If you’re still interested in going back to memory lane and enjoying a trike ride like when you were a kid, you should consider the Worksman WTX. This is an adult tricycle that might not look like it at first glance.

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It features a kid-style frame and will remind you of your younger days. Still, there’s more to it since the manufacturer paid attention to all the details making this one of the best tricycles on the market.

The Worksman Cycles is a well-known brand that’s been around for a long time. During that time, it built its name with quality products and excellent customer service. it’s one of the safest choices when it comes to buying trikes. 

It’s ideal for fun rides around the town as well as light cruising in the neighborhood. On top of that, it’s suitable for different people, from teenagers to adults and senior adults. People recovering from injuries will appreciate its ease of use and smooth performance.

Take a moment to read about the specifications and features this one comes with. Below, you’ll find valuable information about how it performs and what are its most standout pros and cons.

Features and Specifications:

This is an adult tricycle, but it’s suitable for kids as well. Anyone from the age of ten and up can enjoy the fun and exercise this trike provided. Its frame is strong and can hold up to approximately 250 pounds in total.

There’s nothing complicated about it since it works much like any other tricycle on the market. Still, how it’s built makes it a bit more suitable for therapeutic purposes and motion training. 

It comes with wide tracking tires that enhance its stability giving you a sense of balance and safety. Because they’re large, the tires can withstand some rougher roads, but still, they’re mainly recommended for flat pavement. They’re also suitable for wet weather conditions.

Its pedals are directly connected to the front wheel, much like what you’ve seen on kid’s trikes. The design allows complete control over the motion of the vehicle. They turn at all times when the bike is in motion, and you can use them to stop by reverse pedaling. 

Another thing that enhances its comfort and stability is the wide and padded seat. It features thick padding that makes all the rides comfortable, so you’ll enjoy riding long-distance as well. It also comes with upright handlebars that add more to the overall feeling of stability and safety. Both components match and replaceable if they ever show signs of wear.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this trike cannot go very fast. It’s a single-speed vehicle, so don’t expect to get anywhere soon if you’re in a hurry. For this reason, it’s more suitable for short-distances, cruising, and riding around the block.

This one is especially recommended for people with special needs. Children, adults, and seniors can all exercise with the WTX trike in controlled environments. It’s ideal for them thanks to the wide tires and ease of use.

Keep in mind that the entire trike is somewhat heavy. It weighs approximately 40 pounds which isn’t the most lightweight option on the market. The weight doesn’t affect the riding experience it provides, but it makes it a bit difficult to carry the vehicle. It’s not as lightweight, so you might struggle to transport it with a car, bus or train.

It measures 43×29.5 inches in total, so check if that fits your height. It’s the only size for the frame, unfortunately, but it does come in several different colors. Check the measurements and if they fit you beforehand.

One of the best things about this tricycle is the fact that all its parts are replaceable. It’s a durable vehicle that won’t show any signs of wear any time soon. Still, once you feel like any part needs replacement, you can easily find another that’s compatible with the tricycle. 

Also, it comes partially assembled so you’ll only have to put a few pieces together. The process shouldn’t take too much time though, you’ll only need several tools to complete it. 

If you find it a bit too challenging, you can always take it to the nearest bike shop where they’ll do it within minutes. If you do assemble it yourself, make sure to have a professional check and tune the components. 

The Good

  • Sturdy frame
  • Wide and stable tires
  • Comfortable saddle

The Bad

  • A bit heavy at 40 lbs

The Verdict

This is a simple tricycle that delivers stability and comfort at all times. It’s ideal for the entire family, but it’s especially suitable for seniors, people who are recovering and in need of physical therapy. It’s also great for people with special needs.

Make sure its frame fits your height and weight to enjoy the experience it delivers. All of its components add to the performance and work together to bring the most of the ride. They’re made of durable materials and will last you a long time to come. 

Note that it doesn’t feature any fenders or baskets which many people consider a setback. It definitely lacks the convenience a basket would bring, but there’s space for you to mount one if you want to. Also, you could probably upgrade it with some fenders as well.

Overall, it’s a safe choice for most people who want something more fun than a classic tricycle. It looks and feels much like the kid’s trikes we all used to have when we were little. That makes it more enjoyable to ride than most others on the market.

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