Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle

The beginnings of the Xootr company go back to 1999 when they first started creating scooters. Xootr made the wise decision to expand into manufacturing bicycles in 2004. This company has only recently begun their foray into the world of folding bikes. However, their willingness to create a folding bicycle that innovates has gained Xootr quite a following.

The Xootr Swift is the bicycle that we will be talking about. The first impressions of the Swift are that it is compact but doesn’t skimp on the performance side of things. Of course, we will have to look closer at the product specs to get the full picture of this bicycle. Xootr is well-known for creating fantastic scooters, is the Swift one of the greatest light folding bikes of 2019?

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Features and Product Specifications:

The Swift, weighing in at 25 pounds, is one of the most lightweight fold up bicycles. The exclusive TrusFold frame system contributes to the stability of this folding bike. The locking mechanism of the Swift features a dynamic joint that firmly holds the folded bicycle together.

The double wall rims, with their machined sides, add extra protection and look great. Featuring a set of Kendra Kwest 20′ tires, you will be well-equipped to handle whatever terrain comes your way. If you’re longing for a folding bike that has speed, the Swift has you taken care of. The shifter, which is a SRAM SX5, is capable of traveling at 8 different speed levels.

Tektro is behind the brakes on the Swift bicycle, using their M710 V-Brake. This set of brakes has great stopping power, perfect for those moments where you need to stop quickly. It’s crucial that light fold up bikes have excellent stopping power.

Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle

The Good

Extremely Fast Folding Time

  • Clocking in at only 10 seconds, the Xootr Swift is very quick to fold. No one wants to have to spend an eternity to unfold their bike. Getting to spend more of your busy day riding your bicycle earns the Swift major bonus points.

Custom Built to Your Specifications

  • It’s far too often that folding bicycles have weight limits that leave many out. In addition, seat post limitations exclude certain people, based on height requirements. Xootr offers custom builds of the Swift, to meet needs that might not normally be covered. If requirements of other fold up bicycles have you feeling left out, the Swift is highly recommended.

Easy to Completely Disassemble

  • Many fold up bicycles pride themselves on the fast folding times they offer. However, it is rare to see a folding bike company speak of how quickly their bikes can be disassembled. In only 15 minutes, you can store the Swift into a standard sized suitcase! For some, the thought of disassembly will have them breaking out into a cold sweat. On the other hand, those who are traveling in the air will appreciate such a short disassembly time.

1 Year Guarantee Against Defects

  • Xootr is a company that stands proudly behind the products they make. Having an entire year warranty against any material or manufacturing defects is a nice extra perk to have. The sturdiness of the Xootr Swift shouldn’t have you needing to have any repairs done, but it’s a nice added layer of security to have.

Xootr Swift Folding Bike

The Bad

Bulky Overall Build

  • The 25lb weight of the Swift is ideal for hauling around. However, the light build doesn’t mean that the Swift still isn’t a bit on the bulky side. You may find that this bicycle is a bit tougher to store away.

Expensive Price Tag

  • ​Folding bikes are great for convenience, making their price point well worth it. The Xootr Swift is a bicycle that provides an excellent overall ride, but it is a bit pricey. However, when you consider how many cool features that come with this bicycle, the price tag is worth it.

Bike Doesn’t Stand When Folded

​Consider this drawback to be a nitpick, but it is a flaw worth mentioning. The Xootr Swift will not be able to stand on its own when folded. It’s a minor gripe but not having your bicycle crash over when it is folded is a measure of security most riders want.

The Verdict

Xootr may have started out making scooters, but they know how to make a great folding bike. There are many light folding bicycles in 2019, but the Swift is one of the best. The unique locking system of this bicycle will never leave you frustrated. Capable of giving the rider 8 different speed levels, this bike rides great at any speed. Double wall rims and a TIG welded TrusFrame combine to create one sturdy folding bicycle. It’s surprising how the Swift only weighs in at 25lbs and features so many cool additions.

The wildly fast folding time only takes 5-10 seconds, the fastest time seen for a folding bicycle. Also, having a company offer to build their bike, specifically to your needs, shows that they actually care about each customer. It is a rarity to have a folding bicycle offer a custom manufactured model for their customers. For those of you who need to store their folding bicycle in a suitcase, the Swift can do that, in only 15 minutes.

The Xootr Swift folds up quickly but still suffers from being bulky. It isn’t impossible to safely store the Swift in most places, but you could run into occasional difficulties. This bicycle retails for upwards of $500, be prepared to spend a somewhat hefty price to get your hands on this bike. The price isn’t unwarranted though when you realize what a killer piece of equipment you are getting. The minor flaw of this bicycle not being able to stand on its own when folded could be a slight drawback.

The new light fold up bicycles of 2019 have some serious competition! Overall, the Xootr Swift isn’t the cheapest folding bicycle around but it might just be one of the best.

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