Xspec Folding Bike Reviews

As a relatively new face within the foldable mountain bike market, Xspec is certainly making waves. Their 26” folding mountain bike is affordable, efficient, and stylistic. Not only can it fold neatly into a compact shape, but the Xspec folding mountain bike is durable enough to transition smoothly between off-road and on-road terrain.

The key components that make the Xspec 26” folding mountain bike stand out amongst competing models are performance, affordability, and efficiency. At just over $200, this bike offers similar value as mountain bikes double its price.

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Specifications and Features:

This bike comes with a total of 21 speeds, which certainly places it above competing bikes. An ample amount of gears provides ample opportunities for shifts in the environment, including inclines, declines, and curves. The gears shift seamlessly, making for an all-around efficient transition from one gear to the next.

Ease of transition also stems from the front and rear shock absorbers, keeping the rider comfortable throughout any bump in the road. The dual shock system drastically reduces impact during off-road and on-road trips, making this bike an excellent choice for urban commuters or adventurous riders.

Working together with the shocks are the large, durable tires. At 26”, these are full-size tires to allow for full-size protection and performance. The thick high-grade tires increase the performance of the bike, creating a firm grip with each rotation. Larger tires also create better stability, an important feature when riding on mountain trails.

Braking is a breeze with the Xspec folding mountain bike, as it comes fully equipped with a disc braking system. Not only does this make for a safer bike ride, but it also makes for a more efficient one, too. When compared to caliper, cantilever, or linear pull brakes, disc brakes are much better suited to handle quick stops and constantly shifting terrain. Additionally, disc brakes maintain high quality, regardless of wet or muddy conditions.

This bike is a bit more durable than others, with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. Additionally, taller riders should have no problems sitting comfortably, as the recommended height falls in a range of 5’3” to 6’.

Xspec Folding Bike Reviews

Xspec Folding Bike Reviews

The Good

This bike has been highlighted on numerous lists for its positive components. When considering purchasing an Xspec bike for your needs, consider the following elements:

Full body suspension

  • Having front and rear suspension is a great benefit to have in a folding mountain bike. In fact, many see this feature as a necessity, rather than a benefit. While most folding mountain bike will have either front or rear suspension, this Xspec model boasts full body suspension on both tires.The result is a fully smooth and comfortable ride, making off-road trips much more enjoyable.

Great folding design

  • The tensile frame of this bike not only holds up well to wear and tear, but it provides enhanced folding capabilities. The best foldable bikes will convert quickly and efficiently from a full-size bike into a portable bike, and the Xspec model certainly fits the bill. This bike can be folded in 10-15 seconds, giving it one of the fastest folding times on the market.
  • For those who value efficiency and speed during transport, this is a great feature.


  • This folding mountain bike comes fully equipped to handle off-road and on-road trips. The rugged suspension system, wide, thick tires, and wide range of gear speeds allow for tons of changes in the environment. This makes it an affordable and efficient choice for mild or moderate mountain biking.
  • For those who want a little extra weight and stability on their morning commute, this is an absolutely affordable option for on-road trips. Although the tires are certainly a little thicker than normal, this doesn’t affect performance while riding on roads or sidewalks.

Xspec Folding Bike Reviews

The Bad

Although there are plenty of positive features that come with the Xspec folding mountain bike, there are of course a few negative features, too. When considering the Xspec for your next mountain bike, keep in mind the following downfalls:

​Professional adjustment may be required

  • This could be said for all folding mountain bikes, but reviews and commentary suggest that this may be a common occurrence with the Columba SP26S. Although the bike does come fully assembled, it certainly isn’t catered to specific body types, heights, or preferences.
  • However, the Xspec folding mountain bike is significantly heavy. At 41 pounds, it is one of the heaviest foldable bikes available. This could certainly make transporting the bike from one place to another tough, particularly if you need to bring the bike up a flight of stairs for storage.
  • Aside from the weight, this bike is also relatively bulky, which can also make transportation less efficient.

Uncomfortable seat

  • This is up to personal preference, but there have been plenty of reviews and commentary which state that this seat is exceptionally uncomfortable. Some riders report having to stop their ride much earlier than expected due to an uncomfortable seat.
  • Luckily, replacing a seat is an easy fix, and doesn’t count too harshly against Xspec. Still, having to replace an uncomfortable seat is certainly an inconvenience—and an extra expense—so it should be taken into consideration.

Difficult assembly

  • ​While there are some reviews that report easy assembly, there are far more others that report a difficult and complicated assembly process. In general, folding mountain bikes require very little assembly, but the Xspec folding mountain bike does need a bit more than most.
  • It may be worthwhile to note that many customer reviews have pointed out that assembly directions were either vague or missing entirely.

The Verdict

For folding mountain bikes within this price range, the Xspec 26” bike offers a high amount of value for an incredibly reasonable price. It is certainly a durable and dependable bike, which helps contribute to its consistently high ratings.

Consumers should be aware that the bike is significantly heavier than others. In fact, compared to other top-rated models, the Xspec is nearly 10 pounds heavier. Still, if you don’t mind a little extra upper-body workout during transport, the Xspec folding mountain bike is an excellent choice. It’s durable, reliable, and most of all, affordable.

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